Our year-round, luxury boarding facility features individual 8′ x 8′ structures, with several large play yards and three levels of dog boarding. We have 16 play yards to suit the needs of any of our guests. 2 yards for the little pups, 11 for the big guys, and even 2 for the seniors that visit. Plenty of shade, water, and of course play to go around! We like our guests to get their exercise! They spend their days in several large yards around the resort, and are tucked safely inside their suites at night. There are individual fenced patios on each structure, giving each guest a private outdoor run in addition to the play yards. We also offer baths (at an additional charge), so that you can pick up a clean, dry and great-smelling dog!

     For the safety and comfort of all of our new guests, we require at least one day of daycare before any overnight boarding and before being accepted to coming to daycare regularly. This day of daycare will be considered an evaluation during which we will get to know the dog’s personality, play style, energy level, and more. We want to ensure that new guests will be comfortable during their time here and we also want to ensure that our facility is a proper fit for them. For more information, click here