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Award-Winning Boarding

We strive to ensure that new guests will be comfortable during their time here as well as ensuring that our facility is a proper fit for them.

Lodging For Dogs & Cats

Our boarding facility features 16 large play yards for dogs to play and relax as well as individual structures for dogs and cats to spend the night. Our different room options can be seen below. We make sure that our guests are as comfortable as possible, bringing home to them. All of our rooms are equipped with a heater, and the temperatures are electronically monitored to make sure they stay nice and warm. Each room also has electronically monitored fire safety systems.

At 9:00 pm every night, our on-site night staff come out to check on the pets and make sure they have their water and are safe and sound. We also make sure your best friend gets a potty break at night. The staff will then get them all tucked into their enclosure, turn off the light for bedtime, and lock them in their room. 


Tailored Play Yards

Our play yards are tailored to fit the needs of all of our guests. We have specific yards for the seniors, the small and toy dogs, the medium-sized dogs, and the large dogs! Dogs spend their days in these large yards and are tucked safely into their rooms at night. We also offer baths (at an additional cost), so that you can pick up a clean, dry, and great-smelling dog!


New Guests

For the safety and comfort of all of our new guests, we require at least one day of daycare before any overnight boarding. This day of daycare will be considered an evaluation during which we will get to know the dog’s personality, play style, energy level, and more.

We Offer Discounts

10 or more nights = 10% discount

22 or more nights = 15% discount

Our Rooms

Designed for our small
to medium size guests

These are great for guests who prefer the secure feeling of a smaller space. Our bunkhouses are large crates in an 8′ x 8′ cottage partitioned into 4 to 8 separate "rooms." These offer each guest their own space as well as some neighbors to keep them company at night during their stay. 

Nightly Charge Per Dog:


1 Dog  = $33.00

2 Dogs = $24.00 (2 dogs = $48)

3 Dogs = $19.34 (3 dogs = $58)

See Additional Services to add to your pet's stay

Perfect for medium
to large dogs

Our suites are a divided cottage. They provide a 4′ x 8′ room as well as a 4'x8' patio. This is our most popular option. It provides the comfort and security of a private room without the cost of a full cottage. Each room has its own front & rear doors and comes with an elevated bed. 


Nightly Charge Per Dog:


1 Dog  = $45.00

2 Dogs = $30.00 (2 dogs = $60)

3 Dogs = $23.34 (3 dogs = $70)

4 Dogs = $20.00 (4 dogs = $80)

See Additional Services to add to your pet's stay

Perfect for larger guests and families

We offer full 8′ x 8′ cottages, complete with front & rear doors, two windows, an elevated bed. Cottages have plenty of room to move around. These also include an 8×8 patio for your dog to hang out on in the evening.

If you are boarding more than one dog, they can share a cottage and keep each other company while you’re away!

Nightly Charge Per Dog:

1 Dog  = $60.00

2 Dogs = $37.50 (2 dogs = $75)

3 Dogs = $28.33 (3 dogs = $85)

4 Dogs = $23.75 (4 dogs = $95)

See Additional Services to add to your pet's stay

You can have your cat
stay with us too!

We would love to have your cats stay with us! In our Cat Condos, cat families stay in a three-story condo and can play with their toys and take naps just like at home.


We make sure the room is cleaned every morning and that your furry friend gets one-on-one attention every day. The staff checks on them 4 to 5 times a day.

Nightly Charge Per Cat:


1 Cat  = $16.00

2 Cat  = $11.50 (2 cats = $23)

3 Cats = $10.00 (3 cats = $30)

See Additional Services to add to your pet's stay

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