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New Privacy Suites

Now accommodating dogs that are not social with other dogs!

Award-Winning Boarding

We strive to ensure that new guests will be comfortable during their time here as well as ensuring that our facility is a proper fit for them. We cannot accommodate pets that have any aggression towards humans. 

Lodging For Non-Social Dogs

For guests that are not social with other dogs or guests that can climb or jump out of enclosures we offer privacy suites. These rooms are 4'6" x 5'6" with skylights. The rooms are in a 10'x12' building that is partitioned into 4 rooms with dividing walls that go floor to ceiling so there is no chance of jumping or climbing out. The privacy suite also includes an 6'×16' yard with a chain-link top for your dog to hang out in throughout the day and evening.


At 9:00 pm every night, our on-site night staff come out to check on the dogs and make sure they have their water and are safe and sound. The staff will then lock them in their room for the night and turn out the lights for bedtime. We make sure that our guests are as comfortable as possible, bringing home to them.


If you are boarding more than one dog, they can share a privacy suite and keep each other company while you’re away!


Privacy Suites include additional services since your dog will not be socialized into play yards with other dogs. Your dog will receive one-on-one walks with a staff member twice per day, a one-on-one 15 minute play time service, and a night time cuddle and treat with a staff member. 


All of our rooms are equipped with a heater and the temperatures are electronically monitored to make sure they stay nice and warm. Each room also has electronically monitored fire safety systems.

We Offer Discounts!

Extended Stays:

10 or more nights = 10% discount

22 or more nights = 15% discount


Families with multiple pets:

For all boarding stays, pets from the same household can share a room. If sharing rooms, each additional dog per household is $32/night. Prices are reflected below. Pets from separate households may not share the same overnight room.

Privacy Suites Pricing

The prices below are based on checking in anytime before 12pm and checking out the following day before 12pm. 


1 Dog= $89.00

     - Nightly Room Charge

     - Daily Play Time Service

     - Nightly Cuddle and Treat Service


2 Dogs = $121

     - Nightly Room Charge

     - Daily Play Time Service

     - Nightly Cuddle and Treat Service

3 Dogs = $153

     - Nightly Room Charge

     - Daily Play Time Service

    - Nightly Cuddle and Treat Service

Checking out after 12pm will add a daycare charge and an additional playtime service charge. 

**The included additional services may not be removed from your pets stay.

For an accurate estimate for your stay please contact our office staff. 

See Additional Services to add to your pet's stay (grooming, treats, and more!)

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