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Have questions? Browse our FAQs and get to know more about THPR!


See some of our resort features!

large play yards for both dog daycare and dog boarding.

16 play yards in boarding to suit your pet’s needs

24-hour on-site employees with nightly checks by staff every night at 9pm

15 doggie pools for cooling off and pool parties with friends

7 daycare play yards, 2 just for the little guys

Your pet's stay funds our New Life K9s service dog nonprofit!




Do we take non-social dogs?

We take non-social dogs in our privacy suites only. These enclosed suites come with indoor/outdoor access throughout the day and additional one-on-one services such as two walks a day, 15 minutes of playtime, and a nighttime cuddle and treat. 


Do we take escape artists?

If your dog has climbed over a 6-foot fence or has been able to dig under a fence then we can book them in our privacy suite. The privacy suite is an enclosed environment for dogs with a higher risk of escape. 


Do we take bully breeds?

Unfortunately, we only accept Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers in our privacy suites for resort stays. We ask that the dogs be social with people to be considered. While these breeds are known for being loyal and fun companions, their strength in mind and body is not always suitable for our social environment. When over-stimulated, their energy and focus can escalate situations and/or interactions. We understand that this is not the fault of the breed. With that being said, we will not assume the risk of possible occurrences.


Do we board female dogs that are in heat?

For safety reasons, we do not accept reservations for intact females who will be in heat. Please make your reservation before or after you know they will be in heat.


Do we administer medications and do we charge extra for that?

Our staff members can administer all medication types except heart medications, seizure medications, and injections. We do not charge extra to give medications so feel free to bring whatever will keep your dog safe and healthy!


Do the dogs have to be in play yards all day?

No, we are flexible to meet your dog’s needs and can do half days, 3/4 days, etc. We can bring the dogs out for potty breaks. We recommend 2-hour heat breaks for short-nosed breeds during the warmer months.


Can dogs from the same family stay together?

Yes! We'd love to meet your dogs' needs. We can keep siblings together in the yards and in the same boarding rooms.


Are dogs put in rooms with other dogs?

No, guests stay in their own private rooms. If your dog is a part of a family, they can stay together at your request!


Can I bring my own bedding and toys?

Yes, but we can provide bedding for your pet if you would like. We allow up to a maximum of 2 toys per pet. The toys must be safe for your pet without direct supervision - no tennis balls, or bones that could splinter off or cause risk of choking. We cannot guarantee that your property will come back in the same condition as you left it.


Is there drop-off and pick-up outside of normal business hours?

Currently, we only have early drop-off for daycare (an additional $5/dog and $2/cat). Please call our office if you are not able to pick up your pet during normal business hours. Our staff may not be available, in which case your pet will have to stay overnight. If our staff is available, we may remain on-site up to a maximum of 30 minutes past closing for last-minute unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances. You must call our office in advance to make arrangements for this. In the case that we can accommodate a pickup after our closing time, the additional charge will be $15 per family (for boarding this would be in addition to the 12:00pm late checkout fee).


Our office is closed daily from 12:00pm-1:00pm for lunch. We cannot accommodate boarding drop-offs and pick-ups during this hour.


What are the shot requirements?

We require shots for Rabies and Distemper Parvo (DHLPP) for the dogs and FVRCP and Rabies for our cats. All vaccines must be completed, at minimum, 7 days prior to coming to our facility.


Do we board or provide daycare for puppies?

We can accept puppies 7 days after all shot series are completed and the puppy is at least 4 months old.


Do we have daycare on weekends?

Yes, our daycare yards are open from 8am-5pm Saturday and Sunday.


Do we play with the dogs?

Yes, we interact with the dogs in the yard at least 5 times per day! If you would like one-on-one playtime you may request this with your reservation or at drop-off. See our additional services page for pricing!

What To Bring



Please bring in a resealable container and include the feeding instructions.

We can provide dry kibble for your pet if you would like to use our house food. There is an additional charge of $4 per day for any dog over 25lbs, and $2 per day for any dog 25lbs and under. ​We use Kirkland dog food for our house food. 


You may bring your pet's bedding for their boarding stay. We can also provide bedding for your pet if you prefer that instead!


If your pet requires medication, please bring that for your pet's stay with us. Make sure medication is in the original bottle with the name, dosage, instructions, and any other pertinent information.

Please use this link to fill out your pets medication form. 

Safe Toys

If necessary, please bring your pet's toys. Your pets may play with their toys when they are inside their room. Please limit to two toys.

boarding dog in play yard pool FAQ

Please make sure to label all belongings!

This includes bedding, food, and toys.

You don't need to bring:

  • Food or water bowls, we will provide all bowls needed.

  • Collars or leashes.

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