Features & FAQs


  • We have large play yards for both dog daycare and dog boarding.

  • Supervised all-day, off-leash play by trained staff members.

  • 24-hour on-site employees.

  • Online registration and reservations.

  • Returning customer online reservations.

  • Private rooms for each of our guests.

  • 15 doggie pools!

  • No extra charge for bringing your own food, medication, and/or bedding.

  • You may bring toys from home

  • Mid-day drop-off & pick-ups allowed for no extra charge

  • We are a non-profit business and all of our proceeds go to Alpha Academy or New Life K9s

  • Secured boarding facility at night.

  • Our night staff checks on the dogs every night at 9pm.

  • 16 play yards in boarding to suit your pet’s needs.

  • 7 daycare play yards, 2 just for the little guys.

  • Bath service for your dog at day of pick-up when requested.

Do we take non-social dogs?
Do we take escape artists?
Do we take bully breeds?
Can I bring a bully breed mix?
Do we board female dogs that are in heat?
Do we deliver medications or do we charge extra for that?
Do the dogs have to be in the play yards all day?
Are the dogs together with other dogs in their room and can dogs from the same family stay together?
Can I bring my own bedding and toys?
Do we have drop-off and pick-up outside normal business hours?
What are the shot requirements?
Do we board or provide daycare for puppies?
Do we have daycare on the weekends?
Do we play with the dogs?

What to bring



Please include the feeding instructions and bring in a resealable container

We can provide dry kibble for you pet if you would like to use our house food. There is an additional charge of $4 per day for any dog over 25lbs, and $2 per day for any dog 25lbs and under. ​We currently use Kirkland Dog Food for our house food. 


You may bring your pet's bedding for their boarding stay.

We can also provide bedding for your pet as well! 


If necessary, please bring your pet's medication.

Make sure medication is in the original bottle with the name, dosage, instructions, and any other pertinent information.

Safe Chew Toys


If necessary, please bring your pet's toys.

Your pets may play with their toys when they are inside their room. Please limit to two toys.

Please label all belongings (bedding, toys, food)


You don't need to bring:

  • Food or water bowls, we will provide all bowls needed.

  • Collars or leashes.

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