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Customer Reviews

Thank you to everyone that has left a review! We truly appreciate your support.
If you would like to give your feedback please send us a message through our contact page or check your email for a survey we send after your pet stays with us!

Johnny's Family

I absolutely love this place and I am so grateful I took the leap to bring Johnny here. The staff is so amazing and are so wonderful with Johnny. Thank you all for your hard work.

Zephyr's Family

I know my dogs are always well cared for at Thousand Hills. I love receiving email updates with photos of my dogs.

Bear's Family

I love this pet resort. I feel confident that my puppy is loved and cared for. The staff greets Bear by name every time we show up. They are playful and kind. I have no problem leaving Bear as much as I miss him because he is genuinely cared for by each staff member. I feel super blessed to have found thousand Hills. I believe in what they stand for. I believe dogs are healing and supportive as they do. I think the founders are brilliant to have created such an amazing spot.

Fyodor's Family

Once again, thank you for taking such good care of Fyodor. It makes me so happy that each time he boards he is so excited to go with the host that comes out to get him. It is evident that it is because he loves his time "at camp."

Scully's Family

My dog always enjoys Thousand Hills. He jumps out of the car when he arrives and comes home tired and happy because of his time playing. The staff is excellent.

Arlo's Family

My dog loves thousand hills and is always so happy to be dropped off there. The staff is great and I love getting a report card with pictures of my dog at the end of the day. I would highly recommend!

Sophie's Family

Sophie loves her time at Thousand Hills. She practically jumps in my arms to get out of the car once we arrive. She is also happy to get picked up at the end of the day because she's tired and happy to be going home. I am so happy to know she is loved by the staff and I think by her behavior she shows them love right back. Thank you for caring for my precious puppy!

Chester's Family

I really appreciate all of the staff. Each dog is treated like a family member.

Sunny's Family

Thank you so much! This weekend was super rainy so I got a lot of muddy dog report cards which I loved! The best part was that she came home clean thanks to the bath services from THPR. It's a really good incentive to waive the daycare cost, I definitely plan on using that service again. THPR checks off everything on my list.

Tanner's Family

The staff are all very engaged in the care of the dogs they are responsible for. They take time to get to know the dogs and fit them in the best pens for their temperament and social likes. They will give you a report every day on how your dog behaved, what he liked and what if anything he did not like.

Fig's Family

This was Fig's (our 18 month old Corgi) first time at any overnight/long time boarding experience. He was returned to us in great shape both physically and mentally. We are really pleased with the experience and the cost was very reasonable. Getting a report card with photos each day really helped set our minds at ease and was greatly appreciated. We would not hesitate recommending either Thousand Hills day care or boarding!

Rowan's Family

Thousand hills has been fantastic for Rowan! He is happy to go, and is happy when we pick him up. Each and every staff member is friendly and caring with each and every dog. We share the report cards with family out of the area and they love to see how much fun Rowan has at day care! Thank you for taking such good care of our pup!

Nairo's Family

Thousand Hills is awesome! Our beagle loves it there. The staff is excellent and we are so glad to have somewhere to leave him with confidence that he is in good hands. He is very friendly and high energy and has really learned dog play language -- just an added benefit of boarding him there. Thanks to all of you at Thousand Hills!

Aussie's Family

We are so excited we left Aussie with your team. She really looked like she enjoyed herself and we loved getting daily updates with pictures. We can't wait to use you guys the next time we are on vacation or just need to drop her off for the day.

Buddy's Family

I am so glad we have Thousand Hills! Buddy is excited every morning to see the staff so that let's me know what a good time he has each day and how well he is treated. I really enjoy the daily report cards and photos - such a personal touch that really demonstrates your connection to our pets.

Louie's Family

From the very beginning tour, the staff at Thousand Hills has been welcoming to me and so loving towards Louie. He can be difficult at times, but I always feel comfortable leaving him in the hands of the caring and knowledgeable staff. I absolutely LOVE the daily report cards. As a first time dog owner it lets me feel better about not being with him all day. Thanks for taking amazing care of my little man, you guys are the best!

Dante's Family

My pup is always so excited when he goes to daycare! He loves it, and that makes us very happy. Thank you for being so amazing!

Franci's Family

Franci has been going to Thousand Hills since she was a pup - we got her at 8 weeks - she started with you guys about 3 months and she's now over 7 years. Thousand Hills is the only place we will leave her - if we can't get an opening, then we don't go. Love you guys.

Brando's Family

It is obvious to us that Brando loves going to THPR. He gets excited when we arrive and he seems almost disappointed when I pick him up. I think you're spoiling him which is just fine with us! We are just so thankful that your staff seems to love our boy as much as we do. You are the best!

Lucy's Family

My experience with Thousand Hills was exceptional. Very professional and they not only kept my dog safe, they watched over her throughout the day and reported to me about her well being and behaviors while their. That I appreciate so much. Thank you.

Stella's Family

Stella always comes home relaxed and happy and clean. We are very pleased to have Thousand Hills as a boarding facility.

Dash's Family

Thank you so much! It's great to know I have a wonderful place for Dash to stay. I appreciated the daily updates and being able to communicate via email concerning changes. You're doing a great job.

Sadie's Family

Nice to know the staff are really into the dogs! Very sincere and caring people! Thanks!

Guinness' Family

We especially loved the report card and photos that we received while we were away - it was nice to have confirmation that our dog was doing well.

Sam and Sasha's Family

At our first day in day care for our two dogs, staff was friendly and efficient from the time of check-in to check-out. Very knowledgeable of all dogs going into their facility and patient with all the dogs going into daycare or boarding. I was impressed with the email acknowledgement that our dogs were checked in and doing well. As well, when we check-out and left the facility, an email was sent to advise that the dogs were checked out and provided a health evaluation of each dog. Thank you Thousand Hills Pet Resort, we will be back!

Abby's Family

Amazing and wonderful home away from home for our Abby. Daily updates with pictures give us total confidence when the need arises to leave Abby. Everyone is professional and loving. Can't say enough about how great this company is. Thank you for all that you do!

Otis' Family

Otis had a GREAT day at the resort today. He came home happy, exhausted and clean! Otis loves Thousand Hills Pet Resort. We will be back. Thank you.

Pepper Jack's Family

Thousand Hills is the BEST! Everyone truly cares about the well being of our animals. Pepper loves going to daycare, and I can rest at ease that she is going to be in the best care. Thank you to everyone who loves and cares for our pets. I don't know what I would do without you!

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