First Day Of Daycare Is Free For Locals

We are here 7 days per week, ready to give your dog a day full of fun and play! Our staff monitors play so you can relax and know your best friend is in the hands of loving, caring professionals. We provide each dog the opportunity to play and socialize with dogs that fit your best friend’s personality. We keep our groups small to ensure safe and fun play. A daycare attendant is in the yard to monitor play throughout the day.

Simple Daycare Process

Your first day is free, and your dog will spend their day in our Boarding yards for an evaluation. After that, just pull up to our daycare entrance to drop off your dog and one of our hosts will socialize them in a yard and you can be on your way! 


Daycare is available 7 days per week, all but 5 days a year (closed to the public on major holidays). We do not require reservations for daycare – just complete our application, upload vaccination records, and sign our contract on your customer portal!

We look forward to meeting your best friend!

Daycare Hours: 

7:30 am to 6:00 pm Monday–Friday 

8:00 am to 5:00 pm Saturday–Sunday 

Daycare Early Drop-off: 

6:30 am to 7:30 am Monday–Friday   

7:00 am to 8:00 am Saturday–Sunday

 Additional $5 per dog | Additional $2 per cat

​Special Features:


off-leash play
by trained

staff members

Play is always 

all day 


7 Daycare play yards, 2 for the
little guys &

7 doggie pools!

Mid-day drop-off
& pick-ups

allowed at no extra charge!

Daycare more than three hours

  • 1 Dog  =  $25.00/dog

  • 2 Dogs = $17.50 /dog
    (Total for both dogs = $35)

  • 3 Dogs = $13.34 / dog 
    (Total for all dogs = $40)


*First additional dog in same family is + $10/day, each additional dog after is + $5/day

Three Hours Maximum

$12 for one dog when session is 3 hours or less

  • second dog in the same family is $10

  • third dog in the same family is $5


*After 3 hours, the reservation will automatically change to a regular full day’s charge


There are no packages for this shortened service. 


Expire 5 years after purchase

5 Day Pass

  • 1 Dog = $115 ($10 Savings)

  • 2 Dogs = $160 ($15 Savings)

  • 3 Dogs = $185 ($15 Savings)

20 Day Pass

  • 1 Dog = $400 ($100 Savings)

  • 2 Dogs = $550 ($150 Savings)

  • 3 Dogs = $650 ($150 Savings)


*Passes do not need to be used consecutively 

Three Hours Maximum

Daily Per Cat



Daycare reservations are required for cats, please call to reserve. 


*Additional Cats staying in the same room are $4/day 


Late Pickup Policy

If our staff is available, we may remain on site up to a maximum of 30 minutes past closing for last minute unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances. You must call our office in advance to make arrangements for this. In the case that we can accommodate a pickup after our closing time, the additional charge will be $15 per family. If staff is not available, your pet will have to stay overnight and a boarding cost would then apply. 


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