Grooming Services are currently limited at Thousand Hills Pet Resort. We do offer bathing, nail trims, rinse-offs, and brush-outs. Bathing service prices are based off of size and coat type. After making your reservation request, if you wish to receive a quote for your dog's bathing, please email us with a current photo, breed type, and weight. 

Nail Trims                        $10.00
Bathing                           $28.00 - $58.00

This new Frozen Peanut Butter Stuffed KONG service is available for both boarding and daycare guests at 12:00PM every day, so your pup can enjoy a healthy and fun midday snack. We use Natural Old Fashioned Unsweetened and Salt Free Creamy Peanut Butter for our filling. We have a limited availability of 20 KONGS per day, so please be sure to put your requests in advance! For boarding reservations, this special treat can be booked as an Additional Service when you create your reservation. If you are bringing your dog for daycare, please inquire at drop-off.

$5.00 / KONG

Our resort hosts can quickly brush off any dirt or loose fur to prevent matting. If your pet is already matted please consider scheduling a grooming dematting service. For boarding reservations, the brush offs can be booked as an Additional Service when you create your reservation. If you are bringing your dog for daycare, please inquire at drop-off.

Brush Off     $5.00

After a long day of playing, your dog may need a quick rinse and towel off before hopping into your car. Our staff can rinse off any loose dirt or pool water and provide a towel dry before you pick up your dog. Please note that your dog may not be completely dried at pickup. If you would like a complete cleaning and drying, please schedule a grooming appointment.  

Rinse & Towel Off     $10.00

We use Kirkland Nature's Domain Salman & Sweet Potato grain-free dry food. House food service prices are based off of cup for all meals per day. We also offer Kirkland's Nature's Domain Turkey & Pea Stew grain-free canned food.   

Less than 1 cup dry food      $2.00
More than 1 cup dry food    $4.00
$2.00 / Canned food

Your dog will have a blast in our new, grassy play yard! We offer one-on-one playtime with a staff member and provide the toys. Purchase a five pack for the price of four!

15 minutes     $12.00
Five 15 minute sessions      $48.00
30 minutes     $20.00

Thousand Hills Pet Resort



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