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Doggie & Me Fitness

We are excited to offer fitness classes and fitness events for you and your dogs! Exercising plus bonding with your dog? We like the sound of that! Check out what we've got going on. 

Paws and Poses


Paws & Poses

We had so much fun at our last doggie yoga class in November and would love to host another event in the future. Let us know if this would be of any interest to you in the form below. 

Interested in our dog yoga classes? Send us a message!

Hounds & Hills Hikes

We'd love to go on more group dog hikes in the future! Our first dog hike was on Halloween and we had a blast! There was plenty of space for social distancing. All of the people and pups that went bonded!


Interested in our dog hiking events? Send us a message!

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