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Boarding for Non-Social Dogs

Boarding a dog that is non-social can be a challenge. Learn how to make your dog’s boarding experience more comfortable in this week’s blog.

If your dog is not comfortable being around other dogs, they may have issues that crop up when placed at a boarding facility while you are away. When forced to be with other dogs a non-social dog may be faced with anxiety and aggressive behavior.

These issues can sometimes be more pronounced if the dog is in a different environment such as boarding. If you are boarding a non-social dog you should make special arrangements to assure their stay is as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Look for a dog kennel that specializes in boarding non-social dogs.

Non-social dogs are more content if they are kept in a private area, isolated from any other dogs. Their stay will be much more relaxed and include private accommodations. One-on-one attention from staff multiple times per day will put them at ease.

Thousand Hill Pet Resort now has lodgings specifically for non-social dogs and dogs that can climb or jump out of enclosures. Our new Privacy Suites feature spacious rooms with skylights. Each suite has a private chain link enclosure for your dog’s outdoor enjoyment. Rooms also have heaters with temperatures electronically monitored.

Accommodations extend to staff attention also. Each dog gets a one-on-one walk twice a day as well as a one-on-one playtime. They receive these private sessions without the fear of having to interact with other dogs. Staff members give each dog a night time cuddle and treat, too. They then tuck your dog in by securing them in their room, assuring they have enough water and turning out the light.


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All proceeds from Thousand Hills Pet Resort support New Life K9s. New Life K9s provides service dogs to veterans and first responders with PTSD at no cost to them.


Contact our resort to learn more about their Privacy Suites.


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