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Five Clean Dog Breeds

Are you looking to find a dog breed that is cleaner than most? Although there is no such thing as a 100% hypoallergenic dog. Some breeds can be fastidious at self-grooming, while others might barely shed. While no dog breed is perfect on all cleanliness counts here are a few that tip the scale toward being cleaner.

1. American Hairless Terrier

Obviously with no hair comes no shedding. This playful, and feisty breed means you can put the vacuum cleaner away. It has perky, always-alert ears and loves to do agility courses. Be aware though, they will have to be protected from the sun as they can easily get sunburned.

2. Basenji

This native of north Africa has a short, easy clean coat. With a calm, cat-like personality this breed requires minimal grooming. Its upright ears don’t harbor the dirt and debris that can make floppy-eared dogs’ ears smelly. Add to that a tail curled into a tight loop on its back that won’t sweep the coffee table and you have a candidate for a clean dog. The breed is high energy though and left to its own devices will rearrange your home.

3. The Japanese Chin

The Chin is a catlike breed that is among dogs that are small. It was cultivated in Japan. The Chin can pounce all over your furniture like a cat. Also like a cat, it grooms its paws one at a time removing dust, dirt and debris. Then it further grooms its face. While it won’t track dirt into your house it does shed like a cat and can even develop hairballs.

4. Greyhound

This neat and tidy breed requires minimal brushing. It doesn’t drool or slobber so there’s no wet mess. Its quiet demeanor means it enters a room without you barely knowing it's there. There’s no jumping up or knocking over anything. This calm breed is a couch potato so it will confine its hair to one cushion.

5. Poodle

Whether it's the toy, miniature or standard-sized variety this breed’s coat is non-to-low shedding. Its lack of dander means it's considered hypoallergenic. The breed also doesn’t drool. With a grooming style that has it clipped short around the face you won’t get a water trail from its dish. Be aware though this breed is needy and wants you around always.

With the breeds we’ve listed, you can have a tidy, clean, canine roommate. Less cleaning for you means more time to spend with your four-footed best friend.

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