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Top 5 All-Time Favorite Super Bowl Commercials - Featuring Dogs

Game day is just around the corner and as much excitement as we all have to root for the Kansas City Chiefs or the Philadelphia Eagles as they battle it out for the Super Bowl LVII trophy. We are just as excited to watch all the warm-hearted, thrilling, and sometimes humorous commercials that will be played throughout the game.

The Super Bowl always brings the nation together, whether it’s for the love of the sport or all the exciting fanfare that this important day brings. At Thousand Hill Pet Resort we cheer everyone on but, we especially like to give an extra “round of a-paws” to all the dogs spreading joy during football game season past, present, and future.

1. Forever (Super Bowl) The Farmers Dog | 2023

Nothing tugs on our heartstrings more than making memories and growing up with our furry best friends. The Farmer’s Dog commercial reminds us to cherish each moment and that our four-legged friends are going to be there every step of the way. Now that’s a message we can all agree on.

2. Heinz Ketchup Game Day Hot Dog | 2016

Get ready, here they come! It’s the unforgettable unifying moment with the wiener dog stamped greeting their match-made condiment family. This angelic and hilarious Super Bowl commercial featuring Dachshund hot dogs is one for the books!

3. The Dog Strikes Back 2012 Volkswagen Game Day | 2012

In a galaxy not so far away, this 2012 Volkswagen Super Bowl commercial brings out the motivation in all of us. Bolt doesn't seem to like what he sees in the mirror and dedicates himself to getting in shape. If Bolt can accomplish his goals, so can you!

4. Subaru Commercial - Parking Space | 2012

Oh oh, there's a kitty and doggie staredown in the parking lot in this 11-year-old Subaru Super Bowl commercial. Cats are just too swift sometimes. Better luck next time doggos!

5. Skechers Dog Racing Super Bowl Commercial | 2012

Quiggley, the adorable French Bulldog is faster than ever in his sporty Skechers. So fast he has some extra time for an early victory dance. Check out those moves!

The depictions displayed in these commercials are not associated with Thousand Hill Pet Resort or its affiliates.

Thousand Hills Pet Resort or its affiliates do not own any copyrights or media rights to any of the mentioned refrences.


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