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5 Most Stubborn Dog Breeds

One of my favorite Hallmark Christmas movies aired in 2012 titled “Christmas with Holly.” It’s a lovable cast with a fun plot of three brothers trying to create special memories for their niece, whose mother just passed away. Just as all presumed Holiday movies, this one involves a cute kid and a cute dog; a Basset Hound named Olive. It occurred to me while watching this classic in the past, that Olive, in the middle of a scene, stops in the middle of a road and lays down, not willing to move. Though it is a funny part of the scene, it made me wonder why dogs act this way and where their stubbornness comes from?

After researching this topic, I found that there are dog breeds more prone to stubbornness than others. Dogs who are stubborn tend to be easily bored and will require more mental stimulation along with more training. Training will take time and patience because of their independent and very assertive nature.

Stubborn dog breeds are great but just make sure you and your family are willing to be patient, spend lots of time with them, and give them quality training. So which dog breeds are on the list?


This dog breed is small but mighty. As it turns out, they are very stubborn and because they know they're cute, know how to get their way. They are incredibly protective and assertive, but their bite isn’t always as fierce as their bark.

Chihuahua's are people pleasers so if you begin training and enriching activities with them from an early age, their stubbornness can be minimized.


Dalmatians are great companions and enjoy fun and constant activities. This dog breed becomes bored if their brains are not stimulated. Train these dogs early and provide lots of enrichment, as the older they get, the more stubbornness sets in.

Dalmatians love being active so if you live an active lifestyle, choosing a Dalmatian may be right for you. For more on dogs for active lifestyles read our past blog post here.

Basset Hound

The movie, mentioned above, was correct, these dog breeds would rather leave a situation rather than be aggressive. They are very laid-back dogs, and when walking, it's good to take breaks in between in order to give their little legs a break and time to smell their surroundings.

The truth is, Basset Hounds are great at Scent Work and would benefit from Nose Work classes that our Gentle Touch Pet Training offers! Part of their stubbornness can be because they are so focused on finding a scent. Basset Hounds are very intelligent so they will need mentally stimulating activities and training to make sure they don't get bored!

Rough Collie

This breed makes for a terrific family pet, however, their urge to be independent makes them very stubborn. Collies, by nature, are herding dogs and the use of control is in their blood. Because of this, Collies would greatly benefit from training classes such as Agility!

Collie's will require a wide variety of activities because once they catch on, a routine can become boring for them (and stubbornness can kick in). Collie's love to run around so remember to have lots of playdates or take them to daycare to socialize!

Jack Russell Terrier

Like the Chihuahuas, Jack Russell Terriers are small but have a big personality. Their independent and strong instincts are just a slice of what this dog breed offers. Jack Terriers are curious working dogs who always have something to investigate. The stubbornness shows when they are not comfortable with people, especially those training the dog.

Luckily, Jack Russell Terriers love learning and would do well with learning tricks. Start training at an early age and make sure you are consistent. This breed is incredibly smart and loves being active so make sure you provide lots of enriching activities for them to get their energy out!

Looks like Hallmark got it right with Olive, and every time I watch that movie, I’ll remember that this famous dog just may need a break.

If you are interested in adopting one of these dog breeds, remember that you will need to be patient and give them quality training! If your dog's breed is mentioned above and you need help training, we’re here for you! Our Gentle Touch Pet Training program has a wide variety of dog training classes for all breeds and sizes.


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