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4 Dog Breeds for Active Lifestyles

If you have an active lifestyle and you are looking for your fur-ever friend, you may be looking for a dog breed that can keep up with your regimen. With so many breeds that exist, which one should you choose? We’ve devised a list of dog breeds that are active, playful, and can keep up with the energy you are looking for.

The Labrador Retriever

These dogs are friendly and very energetic. They love activities like fetching, running, and swimming. Labradors are also are very loyal and therefore known as good family dogs. Be forewarned that Labs need daily exercise, so be ready for a daily run!

The Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is known for being vocal. They also have a lot of energy and demand a lot of exercise. If you spend time exercising or are active in the evenings, you will love this dog breed. They have thick coats, which are better for colder environments. For camping or hiking on the weekends, this dog breed is the best choice. Huskies hardly ever get tired. So if you're up for the challenge, this may be the breed for you!

The Corgi

Don’t be fooled by this dog breed's short stature! Walks and light jogging are their favorite pastimes. This is because of the powerful muscles in their legs. Corgis are short and stout but don't let that fool you! An interesting fact about Corgis is that they started out as a herding dog for the Welsh in 1200 BC. Their short legs allowed the quickness of the Corgi to catch sheep and other farm animals. Could your next workout buddy be a Corgi?

The Dalmatian

There’s a reason why Cruella Deville couldn’t catch a Dalmatian. Due to their muscular body type Dalmatians are great athletes. This dog breed enjoys long-distance runs and lots of hiking. They are also loving, social, and can keep up with a pet owner who enjoys long runs.

There are many other dog breeds that pet owners can choose depending on their active lifestyle. If you still aren’t sure of the breed you want, there are quizzes available to see what dog breed is right for you and your family. You can check out the quizzes in our past blog post "What Dog Breed is Right for Me?" We hope this helps!


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