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Ways to Cut the Cost of Dog Ownership

Your four-footed friend brings joy and companionship to your world. Owning a pet, however, can be expensive. The ASPCA estimates that new dog owners will spend $3,221 during their first year of pet ownership. Eventually, canine costs will go up as a dog ages and require more veterinary care.

We have some ideas for cutting the cost of dog care. Read our tips below for how to save money on your furry friend.

Pet Insurance

Insuring your pet is a cost-effective and reliable way to save on pet care. With pet insurance, you will pay a minimal monthly fee and in turn get coverage for vet visits, medical care, some surgical procedures, and medications. You will still pay for care upfront but you will then be reimbursed after submitting a claim. Reimbursement could be as much as 90% of your veterinary care.

Pet insurance provides cost-savings for all dogs, but they are particularly helpful for some breeds that are predisposed to medical issues. Keep this in mind if you have a breed with higher medical needs.

DIY Grooming

Paying for professional grooming is an expense that really adds up. It is a project that you can easily do yourself. Research your breed’s grooming needs and buy the necessary tools online. You could save the $100 plus dollars that a professional would charge.

After viewing several youtube videos you will become better at grooming over time. Cleaning your pet’s ears and cutting nails can be done by your vet at the next visit.

Exercise Your Pet Regularly

A healthy pet thrives on rest and exercise. The more walks your pet gets, the more energy he will use up and the happier and healthier he will be. In fact regular exercise is the best free doggy health plan. You will need fewer vet and urgent care visits.

Keep in mind though, that each dog breed needs different amounts of exercise. Research your dog’s breed or mix of breeds to see how much time he needs to exercise. Then make it a priority to keep up the amount of walking your dog needs. You’ll avoid frequent vet visits and their cost.

Be creative with your pet care costs. You might find other ways to save. Following our tips above will keep your dog happy, and healthy and at the same time save on the cost of care.




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