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Mixed-Breed Dogs: Why They Make Great Pets

When many pet parents are looking for a new dog they choose a purebred. Purebreds are more predictable in their temperament and physical traits. But a mixed breed dog has advantages too. All kinds of dogs make up mixed breeds.They are a blend of captivating features that result in a unique individuality. Read on as we outline some of their advantages for you.

They are  healthier

Mixed breed pooches have a much lower incidence of having inherited diseases. Conditions like hip dysplasia, cataracts and hypothyroidism can be passed on in purebred breeding. But when two dogs of different breeds mate, the defective genes are naturally left out. What a great advantage that is and a plus for your peace of mind when considering your dog’s health.

They are way cheaper

Purebreds have big price tags. But you don’t have to shell out big money for a mixed breed pup. Bringing one home is far easier on your budget.

They are adaptable

The diverse genetic makeup of mixed breeds allows them to be adaptable to different situations like climate and living spaces. Their temperament variations make them adaptable to different training styles. They also fit in with a wide variety of homes and lifestyles.

They have great temperaments

Purebred dogs have specific personality traits. With a mixed breed you’ll get a surprising combination of quirks. This makes them all the more unique and interesting.

Give them a home

Mixed breeds turn up in shelters more often than purebred dogs. Imagine how rewarding it is to give a needy dog a loving home. Mixed breeds make wonderful pets and will give you their whole heart.




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