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Tips on Taking Pet Photos with Your Phone

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

All of these photos were taken by our Resort Hosts! We truly love capturing the adorable doggie friendships, silly faces, and energetic playtime that goes on here. Even better, we love sharing them with you in report cards. Here are six tips to a quality puppy photoshoot, each achievable with a phone.


Use natural lighting

Photography is all about lighting! Look for a bright room in your house near windows, or head outside and catch the sparkle in your pet's eyes. Aim for bright, diffused light. And remember, always avoid using flash with your pet.


Hold a squeaky toy or tasty treat

Does your four-legged friend have trouble sitting still for a photoshoot? Try holding an enticing toy or treat to keep their attention.


Use a simple background

A simple background shifts the focus back to your pet and makes them stand out. You can try a high-angled approach to use the ground as your background, or find a wall in your house and squat down to your pet's level.


Focus on the eyes

Puppy-dog eyes have an emotional pull like nothing else. Focus on your pet's eyes to give the photo an expressive, soulful appeal. After framing the shot a little, you can actually just tap on your screen where you would like the focus to be. Don't forget to use that great lighting to make the eyes really glow.


Try portrait mode

If you have a newer iPhone, portrait mode is one of the best photo features around. Portrait mode blurs the background, making the subject really stand out and giving you a professional looking photo. It especially comes in handy when you have a busier background. Open your camera, swipe modes at the bottom, and capture a beautiful portrait. This is our favorite technique!


Burst shooting

Another fantastic feature for iPhone is burst mode, which can rapid-fire 10 frames per second. Plus, this doesn't require any set up or mode change. All you need to do is open your camera, then press and hold down on the shutter button. You capture a series of photos as long as your finger is on the button. This is the perfect way to shoot in situations with lots of movementthat includes any silly faces or funny dances.

So, get inspired, grab your phone, and document a new memory with your best friend! You can also join in the fun on social media and post a #TongueOutTuesday photo. Feel free to tag us in your favorite pet photos so we can share too!


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