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Tips & Food Safety for Dogs at Summer Gatherings

As we move into June, families are enjoying outdoor celebrations and get-togethers, and as dog owners, we need to be vigilant for keeping our pups safe during these fun times.

Whether you are at a beach, park, or in your backyard, check out these tips on keeping your dog safe during the summer months' gatherings.

First of all, have fun with your pup. Schedule an outdoor date with your dog, bring out some blankets, chew toys, and turn those electronics off. Enjoy the dog days of summer with your pup, it can relax you and your dog’s state of mind.

Prepping your pup

Have an outdoor lunch planned? Walk your dog before the event, especially a long walk. Your dog will be better behaved after a nice walk. This will allow your dog to rest while you are eating your outdoor lunch or just lounging.

Check your surroundings

Check for any discarded food around the area you are having lunch in. This way, your dog won’t get into any unwanted scraps that may not be safe for them. Dogs will sniff everything so better safe than sorry.

Bring the right leash

Consider the leash you put your dog on. Make sure it is comfortable for your dog and that it can securely fasten to a table leg. You can also use a hands-free leash that clips to your waist like this one, found on Amazon. This will keep your pup safe from running off.

Hydration and treats

What's a summer gathering without some refreshing drinks? Dogs need to stay hydrated too. Make sure to bring cold water and a bowl so your pup can be hydrated, especially on hot days.

Outdoor lunch treats for Fido are a great way to keep him/her involved in your celebration. Try seedless orange slices, seedless apple slices, or seedless watermelon, and remember to fully cook any meat you offer your dog.

Firework safety

Finally, if you are attending a Summer gathering that has fireworks, it is best to keep your dog at home. With many lost-dog signs going up after the 4th of July because dogs were outdoors and ran away during the fireworks, the safest place for them to be is at home. Make sure your pup is comfortable, in a quiet room in the house, and that all the doors and gates are locked. We recommend turning on a fan, a radio, or tv for your dog to help mask as much of the firework sounds out.

We hope this was helpful and inspired you to have a nice Summer gathering with your pup!


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