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Six Fun Outdoor Activities to Enjoy with Your Furry Friend

Spring and warm weather are here. They both bring outdoor fun for your pooch. Read our suggestions for upbeat, happy activities to share with your furry friend. Outdoor fun is so important to your dog. Canines are highly intelligent creatures and they can get bored if not properly stimulated. Outdoor activities provide your dog with new things to look at and new things to smell. An outdoor romp also gives your dog fresh-air exercise that relaxes him and wears him out. Keep in mind your dog’s personality, activity level, and interests when deciding what activity to pursue.

1. Make your pet say cheese - warm weather brings out a beautiful backdrop for pictures. Set up a photo session for you and your dog. Perhaps bring along a friend to take the pictures, so you and your pooch can pose together. Don’t forget to make it fun for your pet to get better poses. Bring toys and plenty of treats for your camera star.

2. Scent work - Let your dog do what they do best - sniff. For an informal session, sprinkle kibble in the yard for your dog to find. You can also hide kibble throughout the yard and watch your pooch hunt for it.

3. Picnic with your pooch - Bring a blanket big enough for you and your dog. Then give your four-footed friend a romp before settling down to eat. He will be much more patient and relaxed. Be sure to bring pet-friendly foods like: carrots, apples and blueberries.

4. Go on a dog park outing- Lots of dogs love the excitement of a dog park. If you don’t know the dogs your pooch will be playing with, watch the interactions between the other dogs before you let your dog off-leash. Pay particular attention to any dogs that might be aggressive. Do whatever you can to make the experience positive for your pooch.

5. Bobbing for kibble - Many dogs love playing in water. Fill a kiddie pool with a few inches of water and toss in a handful of kibble or apple slices. Fill the pool with less water for little dog breeds. Let your dog plunge in and fish for the treats.

6. Bring out your dog’s inner Van Gogh - Let your dog be an artist. Using non-toxic washable paints, dip your dog’s paws in it. Then encourage them to walk across a large sheet of paper. Be liberal with rewards to make it fun. Then finish the session with an outdoor doggie bath to wash off the paint.

Enjoy the warmer days with your dog while you can, by trying some of our suggestions. You and your pooch will enjoy the time spent together.



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