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Playthings for Teething Puppies

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Do you have a frisky puppy in the house? Puppies have special needs when it comes to toys and chew bones. Since puppies will chew on everything when teething, you’ll want to provide them with appropriate toys instead of your favorite slippers.

From ages 2 to 10 months puppies are rapidly developing. It’s important to have toys for them that are appropriate to their breed and personality. Some pups can be boisterous and aggressive in their play. For them a toy such as a treat puzzle would be a great choice. Other dogs may want to snuggle and softly chew on a toy, so a soft toy would work better. Keep their individuality in mind when choosing a toy.

Good quality, age, and size appropriate toys are very important for your puppies development. At 4 months old puppies replace their baby teeth with adult ones. They are teething and their gums are painful as they chew on everything in sight to relieve the pain.

Teething toys will soothe a pup’s gums while teaching them what is appropriate to chew on. Make sure the toy is geared to their size. A toy designed for a very young or small dog’s little mouth can be a choking hazard for a larger pooch. You will want to check the toy periodically for chunks torn out or holes. Discard a toy that has pieces missing.

Here are a few toy ideas for puppies:

This is a good teething toy. The different shapes and textures will keep your puppy entertained. Be sure to inspect it regularly as some users report the keys can be chewed off.

Heavy chewers will love this toy. It holds up to aggressive chewing. In addition, it's bacon flavored to entice their interest.

This ring can be frozen to help soothe sore gums. It is filled with purified water and the exterior holds up to heavy chewing.

Choose the best toy for your teething puppy based on personality, breed, size and age. Your little canine will learn what is OK to chew on while soothing his teething pains. Your slippers and socks will thank you for it.


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