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Easy Ways to Keep Your Dog Warm this Winter

By Hannah Stein

Before you say anything, I know... we're in San Luis Obispo. Even though it's never THAT cold, we do get our fair share of chilly temperatures where it's important to keep our pet's health and safety in mind.

The first step to keep your dog warm is determine whether or not they are cold. Just like humans, a cold dog will shiver. They may also whine, hunch over, change their behavior, seek shelter, or lift their paw off the ground. Your best bet to determine if your dog is cold is to ask yourself, "am I cold?" If the answer is yes, then your dog is probably cold, too! This depends on some breeds; northern breeds (Husky, Bernese Mount Dog) can tolerate colder temperatures. However, they still do get cold, so keep an eye out for any signs.

Now that you know your dog is cold, what can you do to alleviate their shivers? My favorite thing is a cuddle session. Unfortunately, this doesn't always work out. The next easiest thing is a sweater. Here are a few of the most recommended sweaters on Amazon: Chilly Dog Boyfriend Sweater, Knit Sweater, Waterproof/ Windproof Vest. Make sure to use these links when you purchase because a portion of the proceeds to go to our nonprofit programs.

Some dogs don't like wearing clothes. For these dogs, an easy option is to provide the best bedding. There are heated blankets that are dog sized and heated beds. Try out some of the highest-rated heated dog beds and blankets here: K&H Electric Heated Beds, Riogoo Pet Heating Pad. Again, use these links for a portion of the proceeds to benefit our nonprofit programs.

Do you have an outdoor dog? If so, make sure your dog is equipped with the proper shelter. The right outdoor shelter should keep your dog dry. It should be on a raised platform to avoid flooding from rain. Additionally, insulation is recommended. It may seem counterintuitive, but purchase the smallest possible dog house for your dog. You want it just big enough that your dog can go inside and curl up. The smaller the shelter, the easier it is for your dog's body heat to fill the space to keep it warm.

Encourage exercise and time outside when the sun is shining. Take your dog on walks in the late morning or the afternoon, the warmest times of day. Try to play fetch, bring them to the dog park, or take them to doggy daycare. Limit time spent outside during the coldest times of day.

If your dog is staying for boarding at Thousand Hills Pet Resort during these colder months, you can rely on us to keep them comfortable and warm. We turn on heaters every night that are electronically monitored. We are keeping all of our special guests cozy and warm during these chilly San Luis Obispo winter nights!


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