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Dog Park Etiquette Tips

You want your furry friend to be welcome at his neighborhood dog park. Follow these etiquette rules to make the visit fun for everyone.

Be Prepared Before You Go

Take care of the basics before heading out for a dog park romp. Check the rules to see if dogs are required to be spayed/neutered at your park. All your dog’s vaccinations should be current. Only take dogs to the park that are age-appropriate, after 16 weeks of age and all vaccinations completed. Your pup should know some basic commands, most importantly how to come when called. With these basics covered you're ready for a dog park outing!

Know The Rules

Every dog park is different and has different rules. Learn and follow the rules for the park you are visiting ahead of time. Pay attention to how many dogs are allowed per person and when and where your dog can be off-leash. It is important not to bring your dog into the unleashed area while still on a leash. Following these park rules will ensure you and your canine friend have a good time!

Clean Up After Your Dog

This is self-explanatory. Most parks offer plastic bags if you didn’t bring your own and a place to dispose of waste. Please be respectful and clean up after your dog.

Bring Water, Skip The Food

Some parks have dog water fountains. It is a good idea to bring your own water and a bowl just in case. Just to be on the safe side, don’t bring treats as this can cause aggression with other dogs in the park.

Be Polite

Pay attention to your dog at all times to make sure they are playing well and being safe. Please don’t smoke or eat in the park. Should you need to make a phone call, take your dog on a stroll so you can still keep an eye on them while you're talking. Lastly, if you see a misbehaving dog, calmly bring it to the owner’s attention instead of trying to correct the behavior yourself.

Make Sure Your Dog Is Polite

It is best to avoid the dog park if you have an aggressive/reactive dog or one that is afraid of unfamiliar dogs or humans. It is best to remove your dog if they are not on their best behavior. This would include bullying, mounting, or excessive barking.

If a behavior problem comes up, you may want to consider some dog training services for your dog before returning. Our dog training program, Gentle Touch Pet Training, would love to help you refine your dog's manners! Click below to see the services we offer.


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