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Does Your Dog Have Your Personality?

According to a new study from the Kennel Club – the UK’s largest organization dedicated to dog health, welfare, and training - owners choose dogs with personalities like their own. Do you think your furry friend is energetic and outgoing like you or a laid back pooch with your demeanor?

The study chose 1,500 dog owners and categorized them by five personality types. Those personality types corresponded to 16 dog breeds with those traits. Dog owners tend to own the dog breeds that most closely match their own personality. Can you find your personality in the five described below?

1. Hardworking/Enjoys Order

This type of person is most comfortable when everything is in order. They appreciate traditional values and hard work. Their favorite way to recharge is by spending quiet time with a good book or podcast.

Type of dog with your traits- Your best dog personality will be confident and possibly hard to train at first. Once trained, they will be reliable, respectful and polite.

Breeds with these traits:

  • Pekingese

  • Japanese Chin

  • Tibetan Spaniel

  • English Toy Spaniel

  • Boston Terrier

  • Chinese Crested

  • Bull Terrier

  • Shih Tzu

2. Generous/Helpful/Active

This personality type loves to give back, voluntees often and is happiest when helping others.

Type of dog with your traits: The dog that is the best match for you is loyal, hardworking, obedient and fond of human interaction.

Breeds with these traits:

  • German Shepherd

  • Dutch Shepherd

  • Belgian Sheepdog

  • Bichon Frise

  • Maltese,

  • Havanese

3. Sociable/Ambitious/Flexible personalities

These types of personalities are optimistic achievers that work hard, but also like to have fun. They can thrive in whatever situation life throws at them and often have lots of friends.

Type of dog with your traits: Your best dog match is an active adventurer who is playful and sociable. They are inquisitive and desire stimulation.

Breeds with these traits:

  • Beagle

  • English Foxhound

  • American Foxhound

  • Rhodesian Ridgeback

  • Harrier

  • Brussels Griffon

  • Basset Hound

4. Individualistic/Creative

This personality type is creative, unique, and frequently feels like an outsider. You have a good sense of humor.

Type of dog with your traits: your made-in-doggie-heaven match is laid back and relaxed.

This dog is alert, hardworking and intelligent.

Breeds with these traits:

  • Shiba Inu

  • Australian Shepherd

  • English bulldog

  • Akita

  • Border Collie

  • Miniature American Shepherd

  • Dutch Sheepdog

5. Intellectual/ Inquisitive/Thoughtful

If you are this type you love learning new things and talking about topics you are passionate about. Spending time alone does not bother you.

Type of dog with your traits: Your canine match can be aloof and almost catlike. They are bright and might not seem engaged but love spending time with their trusted companion. You might also enjoy energetic breeds that are intelligent, independent and happy with alone time.

Breeds with these traits:

  • Chinese Shar Pei

  • Greyhound

  • Tibetan Mastiff

  • Jack Russell Terrier

  • Wire Fox Terrier

  • Rat Terrier

  • Parson Russell Terrier

  • Chow Chow

Did you find your match? Maybe you can look for more of your personality traits in your dog. You may have a lot in common.


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