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Costs Of Getting A Puppy

Are you excited about getting a new pooch in your life? You may want to consider the costs of getting a dog. Read our cost estimate to see if it is in the budget for you.

Cost of Getting A Puppy or Dog

Studies have shown that potential dog owners grossly underestimate the monthly costs of dog ownership. It costs roughly $153 per month to own a dog. Food alone can cost between $40 to $60 per month. Let’s break down the cost of getting a puppy or new dog.

Adoption Fees

I can vary widely from one shelter or charity to the next. Generally though, plan on spending between $115 to $660 in adoption fees to get a dog from a shelter. Buying a purebred dog from a breeder is much more expensive. For instance a Welsh Corgi puppy can be as much as $1,500.

Medical Care

Once you have decided on getting a puppy or dog, start looking for a veterinarian. Make an appointment for a wellness check up so your pooch and the vet can meet. You will need to get your new furry pal up-to-date on vaccinations. The typical cost of the four vaccinations it needs is $75. It is vital to your dog’s health to receive the shots. Flea and heartworm preventatives are a necessity also. This can cost around $300 a year, but it is an essential cost. The medication is much cheaper than treating a flea infestation, not to mention a case of heartworm can be fatal. If your dog’s adoption didn’t include microchipping you can plan on spending $50 for the procedure. You will also need to budget to have your dog spayed or neutered if the adoption did not cover that. To spay a female dog the average cost is between $200 and $400. To neuter a male dog the cost is between $75 to $250.

Doggie Gear

You will need to have all the following “equipment” for your dog when it comes home.

  • Leash= $10+

  • Collar=$10

  • Food and water bowl=$15 +

  • Bed=$30

  • Crate=anywhere from $50 to $200

  • Toys= $8 to $10 for one toy

  • Food= varies greatly. Can cost $480 per year. Your vet can recommend what to get.

Ongoing cost

The continuing costs of owning a dog are good to keep in mind. If you have chosen a dog with a lot of upkeep you can factor in professional grooming. Down the road you may need to pay for dental care if your pooch has problems. If you travel, add the cost of boarding as well as a bordetella vaccination. It's always a good idea too to have a way to pay for emergency vet care for illness or injury which is upwards of $500.

Here is a total of what your upfront expenses could be for dog ownership:

Adoption fees =$115 to $660

Medical Care

- Vaccinations = $75

- Heartworm/Fleas = $25 a month

-Microchip = $50

-Spay/Neuter = $75 - $400

Upfront doggie gear

- Leash = $10+

- Collar = $10

- Food and water bow = $15 +

- Bed = $30

- Crate = from $50 to $200

- Toys = $8 to $10 for one toy

- Dog Food = $40 a month

Total potential startup cost for dog ownership - $ 503

Don’t let that figure discourage you from adding your furry best friend to your life. Just know the costs upfront to give your dog or puppy the best possible start. The rewards when your pooch gazes up at you to be petted are beyond measure.



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