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Common Houseplants That are Toxic for Dogs

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Most dogs have the natural instinct not to put EVERYTHING in their mouths, but (let's be honest) there are plenty of dogs whose first reaction is to eat that random piece of garbage off of the ground. When it comes to toxic items, dogs are generally smart enough not to go chewing on a poisonous thing. Just in case, make sure to avoid keeping the following plants in your house, backyard, front yard, and especially out of your dog's reach. Here's a quick list of plants to avoid in the house.

Common Houseplants:

  1. Sago Palm

  2. Aloe

  3. Tomato Plant

  4. Ivy

  5. Alocasia

  6. Arrowhead Plant

  7. Calla Lily

  8. Bird of Paradise

  9. Z Plant

  10. Dieffenbachia

  11. Jade

  12. Kafir Lily

  13. Dracaena Fragrans

  14. Cyclamen

  15. Desert Rose

  16. Golden Pothos

  17. Kalanchoe

  18. Dracaena

  19. Eucalyptus

  20. Flame Lily

  21. Ficus Benjamina

  22. Flamingo Flower

  23. Geranium

  24. Schefflera

  25. Oleander

  26. Asparagus Fern

  27. Ti Plant

  28. Peyote

  29. Brunfelsia

  30. Cactus

  31. Philodendron

  32. Holly


  1. Tulip

  2. Hyacinth

  3. Daffodil

  4. Lily

  5. Daisy

  6. Azalea

  7. Gladiola

  8. Baby's Breath

  9. Chrysanthemum

  10. Begonia

  11. Gardenia

  12. Amaryllis


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References: Balcony Garden Web


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