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Can Your Dog Eat Peppermint and Other Holiday Treats?

Candy canes on the tree look festive, but are they safe for your dog to eat? The answer is a resounding no. While a few leaves of a peppermint plant won’t hurt, more than one or two leaves can cause irritation of the mouth and nose as well as gastric distress.

Many hard candies contain Xylitol, an additive very toxic to dogs. The dangerous chemical causes dogs to have a drop in blood sugar leading to seizures and even a coma.

Anything with peppermint essential oil in it is poisonous for dogs. It can cause mouth and throat irritation, drooling, and vomiting. Even inhaling vapors of the oil can cause respiratory distress. (So be careful what you use in an air diffuser.)

If you suspect your dog has eaten peppermint take him to the vet right away.

Does your dog beg for food other than his dog food over the holidays? We’ve included a list below for items to avoid.

  • Bones

  • Onions

  • Garlic

  • Grapes

  • Alcohol

  • Chocolate

  • Coffee

  • Nuts

  • Yeast dough

  • Fatty meats or meat scraps

  • Food cooked with nutmeg

  • Food with xylitol as an ingredient

Avoid these foods to have a happy and healthy holiday for you and your pooch.



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