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Black Friday 2019 Deals on Pet Gifts in San Luis Obispo

By Hannah Stein

Black Friday in San Luis Obispo is only one week away! Time to get your holiday shopping in with all the amazing deals. Compiled below is a list of the best Black Friday deals for your pets in San Luis Obispo stores.

1. Amazon

Amazon has some unbeatable deals on pet supplies. When you shop using the following Amazon links, a portion of the proceeds go toward our nonprofit programs.

  • Pet Steps: Ease your dog's ability to come up and cuddle on the bed or couch.

  • Thermal Blanket: Perfect to keep your pup warmer in this colder weather!

  • Chuck It Balls: These make excellent stocking stuffers.

2. Petco

Petco's Black Friday deals for Pals Rewards members continue from Friday to Saturday, November 30th. See their catalog to find more deals here. Some highlights include 50% off holiday treats, sweaters, and toys and buy one get one Nylabones.

3. PetSmart

See a catalog of PetSmart Black Friday sales in San Luis Obispo here. You can shop these deals online on November 28th or in-store on November 29th. Take advantage of 50% off holiday clothes, accessories, treats, and toys. Additionally, they are offering $9.99 dog beds and 50% off select toys.

4. Other Stores to Check Out

There are other awesome pet stores in San Luis Obispo to visit on Black Friday. Drop by Lemos Feed & Pet Supply and Tails Pet Boutique for your pet's needs.

5. Woods Humane Society

Woods Humane Society is hosting their annual Black Friday adoption event. Check it out!


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