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7 Signs Your Dog Loves You

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Happy Valentine's Day! In honor of this day of love, here are some ways your pup communicates their love for you.

1. Eye Contact

Natural eye contact during play or while cuddling releases the love hormone oxytocin. Eye contact means trust, love, and vulnerability. Tense, long and sustained eye contact can be seen as a threat to your dog, so make sure the eye contact isn't forced!

2. Cuddling

Physical touch is a big way dogs show affection. By leaning against you, your dog is communicating that they feel totally safe, comfortable, and protected by you.

3. Sleeping Near You

Dogs are pack animals. By sleeping near you, they're confirming you are a part of their pack. Your pup is loyal to the pack and doesn't want to be separated.

4. Excited When You Get Home

This is probably pretty obvious, but a dog that is thrilled for your arrival loves you a lot! Even if they pee when you get home, it's actually a compliment and a sign of respect for your dominance.

5. Checks In

When you're on a walk, does your dog ever turn around and check on you? When you're cuddling, does your pup ever lift its head up to glance at you? If so, this is a sign of love! They're making sure you're nearby.

6. Bring You Their Favorite Toy

Your dog's favorite toy is their prize possession. When they give you their toy, they're confirming that you're their pack leader and deserve the honor of their toy.

7. Tail Wagging & Yawning

When your dog wags their tail, or yawns, they are relaxed and happy. Yawning is also a sign of empathy.

This Valentine's Day, be sure to celebrate the special love between the human-canine bond!


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