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7 Fun Summer Activities to do with Your Dog

By Emily Schultze

1. Agility Course

If the summer heat doesn't seem to slow your dog down, then an agility course would be the perfect way to help them let off some steam. All you'll need to do is a quick walk around the house to pick up the perfect items to place in your yard. If you want to take the course to the next level, there are also many DIY projects out there to help make it more advanced. This activity is a great way to change up your usual routine and have some fun with your pet!

2. Go to a Drive-in Movie

If you and your dog prefer a more relaxing schedule during the summer, you should take your dog out on a movie date! Drive-in movie theaters are a fantastic way for you and your dog to spend quality time together. They also provide your dog with the stimulation of visiting a new place and meeting new people. So, look up your local drive-in movie theater and enjoy hanging out under the night sky with man's best friend!

3. Throw a Pet BBQ

A pet BBQ is a fun way to get all of your and your dog's friends together! You can enjoy the warm weather with fellow pet-lovers and watch your dogs have a blast. All you need is to gather some good food and dog treats, and you'll have the recipe for a perfect afternoon!

4. DIY Doggy Waterpark

If you are looking to escape from the heat of the summer, a DIY doggy waterpark could be an excellent way for you and your dog to cool off. Just grab your swimsuit, some dog toys and set up a sprinkler or hose and you will have a private waterpark in your own backyard. You can also purchase additional items, such as doggy splash pads, or get creative with some DIY projects if you feel like your waterpark is in need of expansion.

5. Treasure Hunt

If you and your dog are still looking for activities to do, you should try out embarking on your very own treasure hunt. Hide or bury some of your dog's favorite treats in your yard or nearby park, and let your dog follow their nose in order to get the prize! Also, if you are interested in finding some treats of your own, you can look into geocaching, which incorporates GPS with in the treasure hunting process. Your dog will get to enjoy getting out and exploring while you search for the hidden items!

6. Summer Treats

Another great way to help your dog have fun and stay cool in the summer is to make some of your own dog treats! There are a bunch of easy recipes to make things like popsicles or interactive frozen dog toys for your pet. You can check out our article about doggy popsicles if you want more information on how you can make custom tasty treats that also help keep your dog refreshed!

7. Dog Beach

A tried and true summer activity, going to the beach is a classic way to enjoy the sun without getting too hot. Look up your local dog beach, but make sure throw some extra water and towels in the car before heading over. You will be lounging on the sand, watching your dog gallop through the ocean waves, in no time.


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