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5 Tips For Taking Pet Photos From A Professional Photographer

Want to take great pictures of your furry best friends? You might think that having complicated photo equipment would be necessary. On the contrary! We’ve got some great tips from Vincent Lagrange, who specializes in animal photography. He says stillness is your best tool and goes on to say, “get the setting and decor quiet with as few distractions as possible. [And] make the atmosphere calm.”

So for this article, we will be taking Vincent’s advice to capture amazing pet photographs. Patience is the key in this process. So we know that with time you will get beautiful results! Here are five of his pro tips for taking the best pictures of all dogs and pets:

Make your pet comfortable

Making your pet comfortable is one of the most important ways of getting a good portrait. If your pet is not in the mood, wait for another time. It is well worth the effort to wait until they are ready to participate.

You can make your pet feel comfortable by taking pictures in a familiar setting and allowing them to relax. Your pet may then delight you with some snapshot-worthy poses.

Use soft lighting

Vincent recommends not using a flash. No one likes a flash in their eyes and it can disorient your pet too. Taking pictures indoors can be just as great as taking pictures outdoors especially because your pet might be comfortable in their own home. For indoor pictures, you can use the natural light from a window or you can use a soft daylight lamp to get good natural tones.

Get your dog’s attention

At first use distractions other than treats. Use smells, wind, or sounds. Vincent barks, howls, or purrs to get the pet's attention. Fill a paper bag with beans or rice and keep it by your side. You can then give it a soft shake when you need it. This will pique your pet's interest and give you a curious look to photograph. Treats tend to wear on a pet’s attention so he only uses them as a last resort.

Your phone’s camera is a good starting point

While Vincent uses professional photography equipment, he says that with these tips you can get wonderful pictures with your phone’s camera. Try putting your camera at the same level as the animal so that the image fills the frame. A lot of phone cameras let you tap on your screen to select what you’d like the focus to be. Aside from this, there are also a lot of great apps that you can edit your photos with.

Have fun

The most important of them all is to have fun! Enjoy the time you are spending with your pet. Let the photo shoot unfold in a natural way. Don’t push your pet beyond their limits. Make sure they are comfortable and having fun with you.

With these tips, you can get great, natural photos of your pet. The fun you’re having with your pet will be an added bonus for both of you.


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