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5 Things Responsible Dog Parents Do

Being a dog owner and parent can be tough. Just know that we know you try your hardest to be the best pet parent! So the things on our list today should come as no surprise. Keep reading to see five things that responsible dog parents do!

1. Ensure the safety of others

An average of 800,000 people in the U.S. a year receive a dog bite severe enough to seek medical attention. We may think that we have a docile dog and that they would never bite but a large number of dogs bite in response to fear. Before taking your dog to the dog park or anywhere else with lots of other people, be sure they have a good recall.

Slowly introduce your dog to unfamiliar people and dogs to get them trained for those situations. If you need any dog training services please check out our training program, Gentle Touch Pet Training! After all, you are legally responsible if your dog bites someone or injures another dog.

2. Know what table scraps do

Dogs repeat behaviors that work so if you give them table scraps just for begging and being cute, they will continue to do that. Small pieces of food from your dinner plate can build up rapidly, leading to weight gain and a slew of health issues like arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease. Make sure you keep it consistent so you reinforce good behaviors during your meal times!

3. Spend time with your dog

The American Kennel Club says that you should not leave your dog alone for more than 6 to 8 hours. Dogs are pack animals and they don’t do well in isolation. A dog left for too long may take out their frustration on a couch or your bed pillows. If you need to leave them alone, consider getting a dog walker for a break or putting them in doggie daycare.

4. Lead your dog to success

Since dogs are pack animals they want a family/pack with a strong leader who will lead them to success. Pack leaders are calm, reliable, and consistent. They are not reactive, unpredictable, or inconsistent. Dogs respond well to positive reinforcement so if your dog executes a desired behavior, capture that by praising them and giving them treats right away. Your dog will become more confident and reliable with your help!

5. Be inconsistent

As mentioned above, you need to be consistent with your dog training! They will be confused if you don’t follow the same rules at all times. Let your friends and family know what the expectations are before they come over. If you feed your dog from the table but then sneak a piece of steak to them you will send them mixed signals and thus create inconsistency.

If you already do all of these things, we know you and your pup are a powerful duo!


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