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5 Benefits of Clicker Training

What is clicker training?

Clicker training is a fun way to train and connect with your pet in a positive way. The concept of clicker training involves clicking, also known as marking, and rewarding. Dogs are very smart and will repeat a behavior once they learn that they will get a delicious treat for doing it.

Clickers are simply noise-making devices derived from training marine mammals. Since the sound the clickers make is gentle and unique, dogs will associate it with being rewarded for completing a task. The advantage of the clicker is that it tells your dog precisely which behavior you're giving them a treat for. By clicking at precisely the right time, you "mark" the desired behavior and thus alert your dog that they correctly accomplished that task for which they will be rewarded! If you need more reasons to implement clicker training with your pup, keep reading.

Benefits of clicker training

1. Confidence building

Confident dogs feel safe in their surroundings and are more likely to adapt. Clicker training is all about positive reinforcement and when you train your dog with positive reinforcement, their confidence naturally grows. The fear of making mistakes is minimized because if they don’t hear a click, they know they can try again! Since dogs know they’ll get rewarded for completing the desired task, they’ll eagerly try hard to get that click.

2. Strengthens your bond and trust

You will be spending quality time with your dog in addition to teaching them new tricks and refining their manners. Through clicker training, you will be communicating and establishing an important relationship with your dog! Once you establish communication with your dog, your dogs’ trust in you will grow stronger even outside of training.

3. It provides structure

As your dog gets used to the routine of clicker training, they will become more reliable and feel more confident. To provide structure while implementing clicker training, you’ll want to train consistently. You don't need to spend hours to get your dog to learn something new; it takes as little as a few minutes a day because once your dog gets the concept of hearing a click and a treat, they’ll want to keep training with you. Having fun and consistent training sessions with your dog will make them look forward to learning new things.

If you are new to clicker training and would like some extra help from a trainer, consider signing up for our Gentle Touch Pet Training Elementary Class! All of the Gentle Touch classes are taught using clickers and positive reinforcement.

4. It teaches initiative

Because your dog has the opportunity to try over and over again to get the correct desired behavior, in addition to the click, their resilience will grow. When you put these things together, your dog will learn to solve problems and start to take initiative. With your help, they start to understand that there is nothing to lose as long as they try! You can only win a click and that’s worth taking initiative.

5. It's fun

The best of the benefits of clicker training is that it is fun for both you and your dog! The reason is simple, you will both be positively reinforced. Your dog will get clicks and treats and you will get a reliable and happy pup. After seeing how well your dog is picking up on new tricks/manners you’ll want to keep training. That click will not only be exciting for your dog but it will also be fun for you!

If you’ve been thinking about implementing clicker training in your dog's regular routine, this is your sign to give it a try! We promise you that it’s lots of fun and will boost your dog’s self-confidence.


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