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4 Reasons Why Your Dog Gets The Zoomies

Have you ever seen your dog frantically run around the yard in circles like a mad beast seemingly for no reason? That’s the zoomies, otherwise known as frapping. Frapping or frap is an acronym for Frenetic Random Activity Periods. Your dog is not possessed, we promise. It is a normal and natural dog behavior.

If you’ve read our past blog article 5 Ways To Tell If Your Dog Is Happy, you may know what zoomies mean. But just in case you’re new here or need a refresher, we’ll tell you more about zoomies!

More on what zoomies are

Zoomies are a frantic but happy rush that signals your dog to run to release energy. It is a common behavior in all dogs. In addition to running around, dogs will also incorporate play-bowing or spinning during their zoomies. Who doesn’t love a cute play-bow?

This activity, while more common in younger dogs, can be shown in more mature dogs too. Older dogs can have zoomies too! It is a quick way for dogs to release extra energy. As dogs get older these episodes happen less frequently.

When & Why

  1. After a bath Dogs tend to get the zoomies after a bath. Lots of dog owners know about the post-bath running out of the bathroom and rubbing on the carpet or grass. Your dog could be expressing how happy they are that the bath is over! Zoomies after a bath can also be more intense for some dogs and they run around the house until they tire out. Either way, post-bath zoomies happen to most dogs!

  2. While playing Dog’s get zoomies while they play because they are amped up and happy to be playing with you or their dog friends. If you have more than one dog, one dog’s zoomies can spark your other dog to get zoomies too! Running around while playing is a great way to get out all of that energy that your dog has been holding inside.

  3. When you get home from work Your dog is so happy to see you when you get home that a dash around the house or yard seems to be what’s called for. Your dog has probably spent the day lounging or sleeping. Seeing you reminds your pup that there is more energy to use from the day!

  4. Late at night Late-night zoomies are the day’s last chance to use that leftover energy from the day. Your dog is releasing energy before bedtime because they were not able to exercise or play as much as they needed to that day. If this is happening more often than not, your pup could benefit from going to doggie daycare and mentally stimulating games!

Final Words

Zoomies are totally ok as long as your dog has plenty of room and is in a safe place while they are running around. If your dog gets the zoomies too often, they might need more physical and mental stimulation. Adding even a five-minute game of “find-the-treats” can help. For more ideas on mentally stimulating games, read our past blog article 3 DIY Dog Treat Puzzles.

Enjoy the happy time they are having and know that they are enjoying their activity spurt!


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