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3 DIY Dog Treat Puzzles

Many of you may be heading back to work after working from home during the pandemic. One way to keep your dog from getting bored while you are gone is to give them treat puzzles to keep them occupied.

Puzzles and games can keep your pet stimulated and happy in your absence. A busy dog is a dog that is not destructive. Best of all you can make them yourself! Let’s take a look.

Muffin Tin Tennis Ball Puzzle

This puzzle is fun and simple to do! You’ll need a common muffin/cupcake tin, tennis balls for each tin cup, and your dog’s favorite treats.

With all your supplies handy, place several of your dog’s favorite treats in the tin cups and put a tennis ball on top of each cup. Now your dog is ready to try it!

Your pup will need to nuzzle aside the tennis ball to find the loaded treat cups. You may have to show your dog the treats for the first couple of times until they get the hang of it. After that, it will be an entertaining time for your pup!

Milk Jug Challenge

This game will take some shaking to activate the fun! For this one, you’ll need an empty plastic milk jug. You’ll want to rinse it out and let it dry. Once dry, cut two holes on either side slightly bigger than the dog treats you’ll be putting in the jug making sure that there are no jagged edges sticking out (for added safety you may omit the cap). Put a healthy handful of treats inside it and cap the jug!

Show the jug to your curious pup. You shake it for them to show them that treats come out of it! Get them excited to discover and play with the jug. It may take some time for your dog to master the milk jug challenge but soon they will begin to get to the treats!

Busy Box Bonanza

Our last puzzle will surely fire up your dog’s brain! First, you’ll need an old box for this game (Amazon box or soda can box will work great). Fill the box with several of your dog’s favorite toys. Put in your pup’s balls, plush toys, and Kongs.

Next, fill your dog’s Kongs with treats. For an added foraging bonus, get a washcloth, lay out a row of treats on it, then roll the washcloth with the treats inside, and place it in the box. With all the toys, Kongs, and washcloths in the box, you can sprinkle a few small treats in the box for instant engagement! Close the box lightly and your box is ready!

Place the box on the floor for your dog and let the fun begin. This game will keep your pup busy for a while and provide a fun way to get treats!

We hope our DIY boredom busters inspire you to make a fun game or puzzle for your pup! Let us know which one you made and tag us on social media or send us pictures.


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