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4 Reasons Why Cats Like Boxes

Nothing attracts a cat like an empty, open box on the floor, on the counter, in the kitchen, and anywhere else your feline friend can find one. But what is so attractive about a plain, corrugated box to a cat? We wanted to know so we gathered some information for you all. Below are four reasons why your kitty makes itself at home in a box no matter the size.

Cats can claim a box as their territory

Believe it or not, cats are territorial! So an empty box is a perfect place to claim as their territory. Boxes are perfect for this because they are enclosed, easy to keep an eye on, and they can keep watch for adversaries from inside them. Since cats sleep as much as 20 hours a day it is also a safe, cozy place to nap.

Boxes have great texture for play

Besides claiming boxes as their own, cats like to play with and on boxes! Some cats love to chew corrugated boxes while others love to scratch them. The sound of corrugated board as its shredding is a really satisfying sound for cats. Additionally, cats love to jump in and out of boxes especially if you have a multiple-cat-household where there is another companion to hide and run from. Boxes provide lots of fun and play for cats.

Cats like the warmth of boxes

Domestic cats are descended from desert-dwelling felines. That’s one of the reasons that they are attracted to your laptop keyboard (usually while you are using it), heating vents, or sunny spots. A box holds the body heat of a cat so it’s a perfect little sauna for them. The shape of the box also encourages a cat to curl up and relax in its box.

Boxes can simulate a warm hug

For the same reason that people like a warm hug, cats like the body-squeezing sensation of a tight-fitting box. The gentle pressure stimulates endorphins in a kitty’s body that boost pleasure, reduces pain, provides stress relief, and gives it a sense of cozy, well-being.

We hope this inspires you to save some boxes for your cats. And if you already have boxes consider replacing some older ones so your cat can experience new smells! Just be sure to check any boxes for staples and other things that may hurt your cat.

Boxes hold many opportunities for cats. Have fun watching them play and napping in their new cozy box!


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