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4 Fun Winter Activities With Your Dog in San Luis Obispo

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Winter is upon us in San Luis Obispo! While half of the country is experiencing icy cold temperatures, we're relaxing on the Central Coast at a mild 65-degree average... not to brag. Check out some of the most recommended activities to do in San Luis Obispo this winter!

1. The Pismo Beach Monarch Butterfly Cove

Each winter, over 100,000 monarch butterflies migrate to Pismo State Beach. With your dog, you can stroll through the eucalyptus tree grove and admire the many monarch butterflies. They even offer telescopes to see them up close. If you follow the path, you can find yourself on the beach. Located just off Highway 1, The Pismo Beach Monarch Butterfly cove is conveniently located near San Luis Obispo.

2. Take a winter hike

Check out a previous article here to find some dog-friendly hikes in San Luis Obispo. If your dog has a shorter coat and more susceptible to get cold, I recommend investing in a waterproof jacket, raincoat, insulated jacket, and hiking shoes for your dog. Makes sure to use the above links when purchasing on Amazon for a portion of the proceeds to go towards our nonprofit programs!

3. Make the most out of a rainy day

If your dog is anything like this photo of a happy and very muddy Dazzle (a member of our New Life K9s Program), then they absolutely love the rain and to play in the mud. If you don't mind the mess and giving them a bath, it can be a great and enjoyable opportunity to run around with your dog splashing in puddles. Sometimes, the best way to keep them from becoming a muddy mess when it rains is to enjoy fun activities indoors. Some ideas to keep your dog occupied are: teaching them some new tricks (check out our previous blog post for ideas), visit San Luis Obispo stores that allow pets (Home Depot, Petco, PetSmart), set up an obstacle course, play indoor fetch, or use a puzzle toy.

4. Bundle up for winter cuddles

I'm sure one of your dog's favorite things to do is just be with you. They don't always care what you're doing, as long as you're with them to do it! Make that warm cup of tea, tune into your current Netflix binge, and snuggle up with your dog on the couch.

It's chilly in San Luis Obispo, but it does not mean you cannot enjoy winter with your dog! Share the rainy season with your pup this winter by enjoying these activities.


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