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4 Characteristics of Good Dog Toys

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Does your pup need a new toy? Take a look at our suggestions for what to keep in mind when choosing a toy.

You may be confused on what type of dog toy to get your 4 legged friend. There are so many to choose from. Don't worry! We have compiled a few tips and tricks for choosing just the right toy for your dogs unique personality.

1. Holding Interest

Not every dog will like every toy. Some toys may hold your dog's interest for a short time while others will come to be their absolute favorite.

One way to keep your pooch’s interest piqued is to rotate toys. Take a few of his favorites out of commission for a while. Then reintroduce them to the toy box as a surprise. This will keep playtime fresh and interesting!

2. Durability

Even if a toy is your dog’s favorite it is not much good if he quickly tears it up or shreds it beyond safe use. Choose toys with reinforced seams and durable material. It is best to remove any parts that can be torn off easily.

3. Size

Choose a size that fits your dog. Too small and it could be swallowed. Too big and it can’t be carried around.

4. Match the Personality

If your dog enjoys a challenge, then perhaps a puzzle toy would keep his mind occupied! If your dog is of the cuddly variety, then maybe a plush toy will do the trick. Choose the toy that best matches your dog's personality and favorite type of play.


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