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3 Tips For Choosing The Right Dog Breed For You

Choosing the right dog breed can make the difference between a match made in heaven or a less than perfect union. Each of the nearly 500 dog breeds available has their own characteristics and needs. To make sure those needs match your lifestyle here are 3 tips to point you in the right direction!

Match dog size to housing size

Your first consideration should be to match the size of your dog’s breed to the size of the living space that will be available for them. If you live in a small apartment a large dog breed like a Mastiff or Great Dane might not be a good fit. You would need to be committed to the long walks and greater exercise needs of a large breed.

At the other end of the scale if you have a busy household with small children a Chihuahua might not be a good match either because small breeds are vulnerable to physical accidents. But don’t think that small breeds need less exercise. There is no correlation between breed size and exercise needs.

Activity level

Another important issue to consider when choosing the breed that's right for you is matching the dog’s activity level to your own. If you love to be on the go, you will be mismatched with a dog that has a low-energy level. Additionally, if you are a couch potato with a high-energy dog you and your dog will not be the best fit. Your dog will need to get an amount of physical activity that's right for them so that they are happy and mentally stimulated.


Every dog has a different personality, but specific breeds have their own traits. Think about why you want a dog and what kind of life your dog will have. Some breed-specific traits to consider are:

  • Playfulness

  • Intelligence

  • Loyalty

  • Protectiveness

  • Compatibility with other animals

If your dog will be spending a lot of time alone while you work you will want an independent breed that will be ok while you are gone. Another question to ask is will your dog be playing with children? Picking a breed that is playful and patient will likely be a better choice if there will be kids in your household.

If you are adopting a dog that is an adult dog ask shelter staff about a dog’s personality. Make sure it matches your lifestyle and needs!

For more help selecting a breed check out our previous blog post to take some quizzes to see what dog breed is right for you!


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