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3 No-Sew Doggie DIY Costumes

Falling leaves and shorter days are here. It must mean Halloween is just around the corner! Why not make your pup a costume and bring them along for all of the spooky fun? Read on to get your imagination brewing!

Doggie Unicorn

The only thing more magical than a unicorn is a dog dressed up like one! Try this mythical costume for a super adorable prancing pet.


  • Sheet of white felt

  • 1 square foot of shiny gold or silver fabric

  • Hot glue

  • Hot glue gun

  • Rainbow yarn

  • White thread

  • Small piece of polyfill

  • Needle

  • Scissors

  • White ribbon

Direction to make horn

  1. Roll shiny fabric into a cone and hot glue it in shape

  2. Smooth out the base of the horn by cutting into a round shape. Stuff with polyfill

  3. Cut a round piece of shiny fabric to the shape of the base. Hot glue it to the base and set the horn aside.

  4. Cut 2 pieces of 8 x 3 inch felt with rounded ends. Glue them together. Sew the base of the horn to the rounded end of the felt.

Directions for rainbow mane

  1. Cut the rainbow yarn into stacks 4 inches long. You are going to fill the white felt pad with rainbow yarn hair for the mane.

  2. Hot glue the stacks of yarn to the white felt pad with the horn. Continue gluing the yarn stacks to fill up the white horn pad.

  3. Cut 2 lengths of ribbon long enough to go from the horn end of the pad, under your dog's neck and tie.

  4. Cut another length of ribbon to go on the other end of the pad and under your dog’s body to tie it.

*You can add a store bought tulle tutu or make one if you want to carry out the theme even further.


Ahoy matey! Make your pooch the swashbuckling pirate of the block with this easy costume.


  • Tank top big enough to fit your dog in a suitable pirate looking stripe, print or solid black/white

  • Elastic hair tie

  • Strip of 3” wide fabric large enough to go around your dog’s belly

  • Pirate hat (or scarf), toy knife, and gold earring in toy section of dollar store

  • Glue gun and glue


  1. Fit the tank top to your dog. (If it is too large, turn it inside out. Then bunch it to fit and wrap it with a hair tie. Turn it right side out.)

  2. Glue earrings onto the sides of the pirate cap or scarf.

  3. Make a slit in the middle of the black fabric.

  4. Hot glue the pirate knife to the black fabric.

Assemble the costume:

  1. Put the tank top on your dog with the front of it over his back.

  2. Tie the black fabric with knife over the tank top with the knife on his back. Make sure the fabric is not too tight.

  3. Put the pirate cap or scarf on your pup and tuck in his ears.

Perfect. Now you’re ready to go marauding through the neighborhood. Don't forget to make the bad guys walk the plank.

Chia pet

You won’t even have to water this chia pet. But it is so cute it will grow on you.


Sweater or tank top to fit your dog

Plastic greenery

Orange felt

Glue gun and glue


  1. Hot glue the greenery all over the parts of the sweater that will be exposed.

  2. Make legging tubes for your pooch out of the felt by hot gluing the seams.

You now have a walking chia pet. What could be cuter?

Enjoy these costumes for your dog. Be safe and have a Happy Howl-oween.


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