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3 Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds For Pet Owners With Allergies

Each year, 50 million people suffer from allergies, whether it be food, pollen, or insect bites. Cat hair is also a common allergy, which can deter pet owners from adopting a four-legged feline.

Personally, I have three cats: two short-hair and one Maine coon kitty. Their personalities couldn’t be different, and they all require certain grooming habits. Since my son has asthma, we had to watch pet dander and which type of cat would work with our allergies.

If you can relate to me, or have allergies to some type of pet dander, you may wonder if raising a cat is even possible…well it is.

Here are a few cat breeds that work with “human” allergies.

Siberian Cats

The Siberian cat is the national cat of Russia. This cat breed has thick coats, which can easily tangle or mat. Siberians produce very little allergen and have a medium amount of shedding. They vary from medium to medium-large in size and are also loveable and playful.

Birman Cats

Birman cats are great for pet owners with allergies, as this feline has a low amount of shedding. They have a puffy look to them with silky hair. Birman’s do not have an undercoat and will require weekly grooming. They are known as an especially loving and affectionate breed.

Bengal Cats

Bengal cats are similar to domesticated cats and look like they have stripes on their fur. They are a hypoallergenic breed with low levels of allergens within their fur. In 2019, these were the most popular cat breed with their temperament being energetic and playful.

How do you know if you have a cat allergy?

If you aren’t sure if you have an allergy to cat fur, try visiting a friend or family member who has feline companions. After playing with or being around their cats, notice if you develop a cough, hives, sneezing, or a stuffy nose. Symptoms can appear in a few minutes to hours. This is a good reason to visit your doctor so they can administer an allergy skin test. From there, you can look at hypoallergenic cat breeds. Ask your veterinarian if they can offer suggestions on cat shelters that have specific types of breeds. We hope this is helpful!

Adopt a Shelter Pet Day is on April 30th so we hope this inspires you to adopt the cat best suited for you.


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