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Training Frequent Questions



Can you teach my dog to walk nicely on a leash? 

Yes, there are different methods that are force-free. Since every dog is different, we can explore and help find the method that is more efficient for your dog. 


Can my dog learn to come back to me?

Yes, however, it is easier for some dogs to come back to you than others. For example, hounds, terriers, and a few other breeds have a much harder time coming back. 


Can you help teach my dog to stop barking?

Yes. Our trainer will first help you understand why your dog is barking. Once the question of “why” is answered, the trainer will help you manage the barking.

Do you teach basic obedience?

We can help you teach your dog to sit, lay down, stay, etc. However, we like to focus on teaching the dog manners which can be more beneficial to your daily lives. A dog may know to sit or stay, but that may not help them to be a well-behaved dog. 



Can you help my fearful dog? 

Helping a fearful dog become confident takes time and consistency. There are many exercises that we do that help them gain confidence. For example, a game of nose work helps them utilize their strengths.  Just like humans, when we focus on our strengths we become more confident. 


Can you help with my dog who has a lot of energy? 

Most dogs who have lots of energy tend to get themselves in trouble. They tend to chew on inappropriate items, dig up the yard, bark until they pass out, or even jump the fence to explore. Redirecting their energy is the way to go. 

It is important to meet your dog's needs. They need mental and physical stimulation. Stimulating their brain and creating games for dogs to think and problem solve helps them get their energy out. The trainer will help you find easy and quick games and help your dog release their energy in a positive way. 

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