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What Your Favorite Dog Breed Says About You

Does a Labrador have your heart or does a Poodle make your life complete? Whether you love cuddly, fuzzy dogs, or smooth-coated pups, your favorite breed gives some insight into you. If you have a favorite dog breed here is what loving a few select breeds says about you.

Golden or Labrador Retrievers

Golden and Lab lovers are positive people who know how to make people around them feel safe and comforted. Because of this, Golden and Lab people tend to love their people with all of their might. According to Theresa Viestro, AKC representative for Labrador Retrievers, lovers of these breeds are also outgoing and open to trying new things. Lastly, Golden and Lab lovers are also spunky and adventurous.


Chihuahua lovers are not afraid to speak up! This can often make them the center of attention, which they will gladly accept. Chihuahua lovers are also sympathetic towards others– and this could be because they know Chihuahuas get a bad reputation for being sassy. Lastly, Chihuahua lovers are charming and social people.


If you like Beagles or other hound breeds you may be more emotionally stable and level-headed. Beagles lovers enjoy learning new things and would consider themselves lifetime learners; this makes them more open-minded as well. Because of their passion for discovery, beagle lovers are very curious by nature.

Great Danes

Lovers of this giant breed are loyal and put family first. Because of their loyalty, people who love Great Danes are devoted to the people in their inner circle. This also makes Dane people lovers of tradition. Lastly, Great Dane lovers are brave and patient.

Australian Shepherds

This breed has been used by cowboys as cattle dogs. It would stand to reason that their owners are outdoors lovers too. Australian Shepherd lovers like to run and hike. They are always on the lookout for their next adventure!

Did you see your personality in one of these breeds? Chances are you saw a glimpse of yourself in some of the traits of these dogs. Of course, the best match for you is the dog curled by your side!


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