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Vital Tools For a Well-groomed Kitty

Even if your cat is the most dapper on the block, all kitties need grooming help at one time or another. Besides, regular grooming short-circuits hairballs and matted tangles the bane of every cat’s existence.  You’ll need these essential tools in your toolbox to accomplish the job. We have focused on just the basics.

1. Metal Comb

No matter the length of your cat’s coat, you need a metal comb. It should be made of stainless steel and strong. Each tooth of the combe should be rounded and a wide distance apart. Use the comb to tease out any tangles, remove dirt or focus on your kitties back end. 

One comb to consider is Well & Good Black Undercoat Cat Comb - The teeth are well-rounded for your cat’s comfort as is the rubber handle for your grip. Available at Amazon and Petco.

2. Slicker Brush

This tool will remove dirt on your feline’s coat while spreading the essential oils of his fur and skin.  A shiny, healthy coat is the result. The brush should have soft bristles shaped like bent nails. The bristles mimic your cat’s tongue for grooming. Use the brush gently to lure your cat into enjoying it.

Four Paws Gentle Slicker Cat Brush is the tool you will reach for most often. It is comfortable for both kitty and groomer. It’s also easy to use. After removing dead hair and dirt with the comb, use the slicker brush to increase the shine on your cat’s coat. Available on Chewy and Amazon.

3. Flea Comb

If you have an outside wandering kitty you will need a flea comb to remove any infestations that your cat may pick up. The first step in tackling the problem is to remove the fleas from its fur. 

The flea comb’s teeth are closer together than the undercoat comb for this purpose. 

The Safari Double-Sided Cat Flea Comb is an inexpensive tool that can pull fleas from deep in your cat’s fur. It is perfect for short-haired cats. You’ll want to use it as your first option in the battle with fleas in the spring and summer. It is dual-sided so you can start with the wider teeth if necessary. Available at Chewy.

4. Grooming Mitt

Your cat will come to love this tool. Use it to gently massage your kitty while covering a wide area. You will be amazed by the amount of fur collected, even if used daily. The mitt should be soft. 

Well and Good Grooming Gloves are made for both left and right handed groomers. You can easily switch hands with this glove too. A plus for the mitt is that the bristle placement grabs a ton of hair. Available at Petco

5. Nail Clippers

Clipping nails is a challenge you should tackle every 10 to 14 days unless you want to opt for professional nail trimming. You should work on it after massaging your cat with the grooming glove so he is more relaxed. Make sure you  have the right nail clippers. Don’t cut the nails too short or they will bleed. Just to be on the safe side you should keep styptic powder on hand. Using it on the nail will stop the bleeding. Below is a link to instructions for trimming nails if you are hesitant.

H&H Pets Cat Nail Clippers are an option to try. They are inexpensive and a good choice for cats. The clippers come with detailed instructions for use. With their scissor shape and indentation that shows you where to cut they are easy to use. Available at Amazon and chewy.

These are just the basics to have in your kitty grooming arsenal. These are enough to get your grooming started. You may want to look at other advanced tools like: toothbrushes and paste, oral care water additives, shampoo, cat eye wash and ear cleaner wipes.

The tools listed above are examples and not meant as endorsements.




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