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How to Plan A Day Outing For You & Your Pup!

The golden days of autumn are upon us and with it the waning daylight hours. Take advantage of the fall season outdoors! What better way to do this than with a day date with your furry best friend. We’ve gathered some tips to make your canine al fresco outing fun and safe for all parties involved!

The benefits of outings with your dog

Day dates with your dog can be beneficial for both of you. Not only will the two of you get some fresh air and light exercise but you will also spend quality time together. And spending quality time with your dog can help strengthen your bond! Plus enjoying an outing with your dog can be as easy as packing some snacks and toys and going to your local park. So let’s get to planning, shall we?

Walk Your Dog Beforehand

Taking your dog for a walk before the outdoor gathering will burn off excess energy. Your pup will be calmer and more relaxed for his time with you.

Picking the right setting

  • Choose a safe area or park where dogs are allowed!

  • Make sure the area has non-toxic plants so your dog isn’t tempted to eat them.

  • Make sure there is plenty of shade or consider taking an umbrella or tarp.

  • Try for an area that is not too loud. This will make for a calmer pup.

Picking the right snacks

Bring along snacks for you and your dog to share! Here are some of our favorite dog-safe snacks:

  • Unseasoned, cooked chicken or turkey.

  • Raw vegetables like carrots, celery, broccoli, or green beans.

  • Fruit treats like apple slices, strawberries, or watermelon slices.

  • Take your dog’s regular dog food for the main meal.

Taking the right gear

Being prepared is crucial. By now you've picked the right spot and the right snack so now you just need the final supplies to ensure you'll have a fun and safe outing!

  • Take along the must-haves: harness, leash, water bowl, and poop bags.

  • Make your dog comfortable with a bed or blanket.

  • Then of course how could you have fun without a dog-safe frisbee or ball?

With the right food, gear, and proper safety precautions you and your furry pal can have a great time! We hope you enjoy a fall outdoor date with your pup soon!


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