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Build the Bond Between You and Your Dog

Your dog is your best buddy right? But we can take even a good friend for granted sometimes. Working on your relationship is well worth the effort though. Your dog will be happier and you’ll both be closer. We have tips for how to strengthen that bond.

Plan Playtime Together

Your dog needs to see you as more than just the person who feeds him. No matter how busy your schedule, take time out for at least 10 minutes of play time every day. It can be as simple as a quick session of tug of war or as involved as a road trip. Your pooch will associate you with fun, games and joy.

Get A Good Workout Together

Get some fresh air with your four-footed friend. Get in an outdoor run, walk or bike session with your pooch. You will wear your pet buddy out so that he’s more relaxed. He will have spent time with you and you’ll get the benefit of your work out too.

Nap Together

Not all time spent together has to be vigorous exercise. Your dog makes a great nap buddy too. Hanging out on the couch and cuddling is a great bonding pastime. Relaxing time with a furry pal builds trust and that trust goes a long way.

Make Time For A Little Training Session Everyday

Your dog will love the treats, belly rubs and attention that comes with a daily training session. Use positive reinforcement to make the lessons stick. You can practice old tricks or work on learning new ones. Learning together strengthens the bonds between you both.

Know Your Dog’s Body Language

Learn how to distinguish your dog’s body language. By knowing its movements and actions you can tell when your pooch is having a good time or when he is uncomfortable. Building trust between you this way helps the bond between you. Your dog will feel understood and respected.

Use Training Words And Signals With Consistency

Effective communication is the key to a good relationship with your pet. Always use the same signals or words for the desired action when pursuing pet training. You want your dog to understand you. The same goes for rules. Nothing is more confusing for a dog than to be allowed on the couch one day but punished for getting on it the next. Be consistent.

Talk To Each Other

You can still bond with your pet even though you don’t totally understand each other. Talk to your dog. Tell him about your day or just tell him what a great boy he is. It’s important just to talk with your pet to show it your attention. Your furry pal will appreciate the effort and come to respect and trust you, further strengthening your bonds

The actions in these tips will go a long way toward building the bonds between you and your pet. Take time to repeat them frequently, even daily. You and your canine companion can have a good bond that gets stronger every day.



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