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Adorable Doggy Halloween Costume DIY

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

By Hannah Stein

Get every family member involved in the Halloween festivities this year! Need some inspiration? Check out these adorable DIY costume ideas to dress your pup up for the spookiest night of the year.

1. Beanie Baby

2. Ghost

The old trick of throwing a sheet over your head and being a ghost works for doggies, too! Grab a sheet and trace out two eye holes, two ear holes, and one large mouth hole. Start by making small cuts and check with your dog to see how much bigger to go. Better to start with small holes and continuously make them bigger for your pup to be comfortable. Try it on! Mark where the sheet falls onto the floor and hem the sheet, so your pup does not trip.

3. Skunk

4. Business Pup

5. ET

6. Ballerina or Fairy

7. Halloween Themed Collar or Bandana

Don’t think your pet will feel comfortable in a full-on costume? Try some Halloween themed collars and bandanas

There are so many ways to get your dog involved in Halloween! Make sure to practice wearing the costume with your dog before the big day. If your pup is not used to wearing clothes, be sure to encourage positivity with treats, toys, or simply your special canine to human bond. Lastly, do not force your pup into the costume if they do not want to or are afraid. Have fun and enjoy the spooky holiday with your pup!

Let us know how your homemade costumes turned out! Tag us on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #THPR for the chance to be featured!

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