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A Greek Favorite: The Alopekis

Thousands of specific dog breeds exist throughout the world. Some are native to and located only in one specific area or country. Today we will take a look at an ancient dog breed native to Greece.

Of the many dog breeds in the world, the Alopekis is an ancient and beloved Grecian breed. They are a small breed. The endearing dog has a fox-like appearance featuring a long body with short legs, a wedge-shaped head, and triangular ears. While the breed has a double coat it sheds very little. That non-shedding coat comes in every color imaginable. So take your pick.

The breed has a lifespan of 12-15 plus years. The female can weigh 7 to 17 pounds, while the male weighs in at 8 to 18 pounds. Their height can range from 7 to 17 inches tall. They are not large dogs.

Alopekis have an affectionate and sociable nature. They make devoted companions and are suited to both urban and city dwellers. Their careful and playful personalities make them super companions for kids. With their alert dispositions, they make great watchdogs, too.

These are athletic dogs. While they can thrive in small dwellings, they need to be walked regularly to keep them from being bored. Because you know what boredom with a dog looks like and the destruction is not pretty.

The breed is not known to have any breed-specific health issues. They are not recognized by the American Kennel Club. They may be recognized by the Kennel Club of Greece once their numbers are large enough.

According to DNA analysis Alopekis are thought to be one of the oldest domesticated breeds in all of Europe. Their images have been found in ancient artifacts. They were even mentioned in writings by Aristotle. Their numbers have dwindled greatly, however, as they are falling prey to an eradication effort by the Greek government to neuter stray dogs. Many Alopekis are “latchkey” pets. They come and go as they please making them easy targets for the neutering program.



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