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2023 DIY Dog Halloween Costumes

Howl-oween is creeping up on the calendar. Do you have your furry pal’s costume ready? If not, take a peek at our suggestions for DIY costumes to make.

Keep in mind these safety tips for pup trick or treating. If you and your dog will be venturing out to trick-or-treat make sure your pooch has their ID on their dog harness and collar.

No matter how adorable your dog’s costume may be, make sure it is safe. Your dog should be able to see, breathe, and move unimpeded. Keep an eye out for any dangling parts to a costume that might be chewed off. Use your pet training to keep your dog calm on the leash. With these safety measures in mind take a look at these canine costumes.


Playing on a pun, here’s a simple costume to make.

  1. Find a child’s t-shirt that will fit your dog. A thrift store is a good source for an inexpensive one.

  2. At your local craft store get peel-and-stick felt sheets and cut them into watch band shapes. Attach them to the t-shirt leaving space for the watch face.

  3. Copy a watch face for every band. Attach the face with hot glue to the band.

  4. Using a black marker or pen to make holes in the watch band.

And you have your watchdog costume.

Dog mummy

Make your dog into a scary mummy.

  1. You can use plain 1” wide medical gauze. Or for an “ancient” look, die the gauze in strong tea and dry it.

  2. Wrap your pooch very loosely around the back of the head, neck and body. Wrap the upper parts of the leg very loosely. You want to make sure your mummified pup is not impeded when walking and can easily move.

Step out with your dog mummy.

Punk Rock Pooch

Is your dog born to be a punk rocker? This costume works best with a dog that has at least medium-length hair on its head.

  1. Make a doggie mohawk with non-toxic hair gel and dog temporary dye.

  2. Add a silver studded collar

  3. Add a child’s black jacket that fits your dog.

Your four-legged punk rocker is good to go.

Enjoy trick or treating with your pooch. Be sure to keep safety in mind and have a good time.




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