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New Customers

Step 1

Review Requirements

Please be sure to carefully review all our requirements before making any reservations. You can find a detailed list of requirements that we need to accept any pet into our facility. Click here to view.

Step 3

Evaluation Day

Once your have created Gingr account give us a call to schedule an evaluation day. We require that all new dogs partake in a free day of daycare prior to any overnight boarding and regular attendance. This day is used as an evaluation period for our staff to get to know the dog's character, activities they prefer, their energy level, and more. Our employees are experienced in observing dog behavior and will evaluate how the canine adjusts to our setting.

Step 2

Online Portal

Please create a Gingr account to make reservations for daycare, boarding, and training with Gentle Touch Pet Training. Click here to sign-up


Make A Reservation

Once the evaluation day has been finalized you can start making reservations for daycare, boarding, additional services, and Gentle Touch Pet Training!

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