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What to Look for When Buying a Dog Crate

Did you know that your dog is happier and calmer when using a dog crate? There are so many different types of crates available it's hard to pick which one is right for you and your dog. In this blog we share with you some features to look for in a dog crate.


The most important aspect of your dog’s crate is getting the correct size. It should be large enough for your furry friend to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably. It should not be larger than that. If you get a crate that is too large your dog may take potty breaks inside it. If he can sit further away from the soiled area he will be encouraged to soil the crate. Get one that is the appropriate size. Below is a size guide.

  • -Small breeds like Chihuahuas and Pomeranians are less than 30 pounds. A crate that is 18 18 inches by 18 or 24 inches is a good size.

  • -Dogs that are 40 pounds should have bigger crates, 24 inches by 24 or 18 inches. Dogs like bulldogs or dachshunds may be under 40 pounds but because of their body shape will need a slightly bigger crate

  • -Dogs that are 40 to 60 pounds need a crate 30 inches long by 24 to 36 inches.

  • -The largest breed dogs will need large dog kennels or cratesof top-loading, that are 48 inches by 24 inches to 72 inches by 36 inches.


You will want a crate that can stand up to any destructive behavior. Look for sturdy well ventilated wire mesh sides. This also allows you to see your pooch from any angle.

Here is a link to one you can find on Amazon.


Consider multiple doors if you have a dog with mobility issues. That way your dog can get in at any angle. Top-loading doors are good for puppies and small dogs. You can reach in and scoop them up. Here is a link to a top-loading crate you can find on Amazon.

Easy Clean Up

It will be helpful to have a crate that can be cleaned easily, especially if your dog is still going through potty or crate training. A wire mesh cage that folds up and has a removable tray is perfect for easy cleaning.


Consider a crate with wheels. It will be easily moved when traveling. The crate can also be moved from room to room more easily, saving your back from heavy lifting.

Comfort Is Key

Make sure your dog is cozy and comfortable with either a blanket, a cushioned pad or a bed inside. Your furry friend will love his cushy sanctuary.



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