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How to Keep Your Pets Out of the Christmas Tree

Are you hoping for silent nights instead of pet pandemonium? Tinsel and presents with ribbons can be too much temptation for cats and dogs alike. We’ve got you covered with tips to keep the peace.

1. Hang the ornaments on your tree higher

Low-hanging ornaments are just asking to be knocked by a wagging tail or batted by a kitty paw. Hang your ornaments high enough to be out of pet reach. Reserve your lower branches for lights.

2. Fence the perimeter

Put your tree in a corner and surround it with a baby gate fence. You can even decorate the fence. Put decorated boxes in front of it and you’ll have a festive pet-proof tree.

3. Spritz some citrus

Make your tree smell bad to your pets. Pets are not fans of citrus smells. There are plenty of citrus sprays you can buy to spritz the area. Or you can make your own citrusy ornaments. Hang orange and lemon slices on the lower branch of your tree. It will smell wonderful to you but icky to your pets.

4. Place your Christmas tree away from elevated surfaces

Keep your tree away from side tables or couches. They make perfect kitten launches into the tree.

5. Opt for an elevated tree

Consider a smaller tree that can be placed on a tabletop. Out of reach, out of mind.

6. Skip the gingerbread men ornaments

Lose the food-based ornaments like gingerbread and popcorn garlands. Your dog will think they are free doggy treats which is what you don't want.

7. Don’t make your tree a tinsel town

Tinsel can be a hazard for cats. The shiny strings are attractive to them, but they can cause internal blockage if eaten.

Implementing these tips will make for a more peaceful holiday instead of pet pandemonium. You’ll be more relaxed and your pets will be safer.


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